Antiques Hunting in Petaluma

August 6, 2020, Thursday

Our next destination was Petaluma, another quaint city in the Sonoma wine valley.

I got so excited when we passed through a street lined with antique stores. I told the sexy driver “Tart! bababa ako!”

Aha! We found a teasure! Chicken! We didn’t let it go for fear that some antique hunter would get it.

After buyingnthe chicken, we drove around the heart of petaluma and decided to park along the main street. We entered a big antique store named Sienna.

My heart jumped when I saw this original oil painting. I have a soft spot for sister / brother subjects. I thought the price was $500 mali pala ang basa ko. It was $5,000 and no haggling daw according to the consignor.

About 32 years ago, I bought an old chair from an antiques auction, medyo sira-sira. i got it for $85 napagalitan ako ng papa ko when he saw it in the warehouse, about to be loaded into the container bound for Manila. My brother was shipping some electrical items which he was supplying to Meralco, NPC, etc. Makikisabay ako ng mga furniture. The chair belonged to some castle in England. My father was in disbelief that I would waste my money on a piece of broken and ugly chair. Bakit daw ako bumili ng basura.

Oyen was the first who spotted this French rococo settee (sage color). The Rococo syle is also called the Late Baroque It started in the early 1700s in France and quickly spread to Italy, Austria, Russia, Germany,. Even Turkey was influenced by this theatrical style. According to the store owner this benchwas imported from France and is around 200 years old. It doesn’t look 200 years old. It looks flimsy. Hindi pwedeng bagong kain uupo. baka dumapa.

This long French country farm table captured my daughter’s fancy. It’s so big naman and sobrsng mahal. She also likes this window. I also like both.

Many of the Victorian-era buildings were survivors of the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake. They are preserved and are standing proud of Petaluma’s history.


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