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August 1, 2020

Hooked on Crash Landing on You at the same time looking forward to seeing the end of this Netflix movie not because I don’t like it but only because I want to move on with my life and not seat here waiting for the next big scene of Captain Ri.

August 2, 2020

Mochi is cute and has provided us with some distraction from stress. She’s been staying with us for six months ever since the shelter in place began.

For 10 solid years, my white carpet managed to stay clean and white, until Ms. Mochi arrived….

We love her still.

August 9, 2020

Organic heirloom tomatoes freshly picked from the farm taste sweeter and more delicious than tomatoes bought from the supermarket. They are worth the small price difference.

The sky caught my eyes while I was spending my evening solitude in the side yard. I took this photo at 8:18 pm.

Late night 11:54 pm CNN news about New Zealand’s successful 100 days with no new coronavirus infection. I feel envious.

August 10,

Oyen ordered this beautiful frying pan and baptised it by cooking pasta for lunch. She baked oatmeal cookies at 4 pm. #funsnack

Freshly-baked white bread made exclusively for her dad. Pangsawsaw sa kape.

Popeye’s for dinner 7:02 pm

August 11

Uber Eats: BJ’s Ahi Poke

August 12 4:28 pm

Mochi is Oyen’s baby while here. When she goes home to Manila, her other dogs will get her daily dosages of TLC.

Edmund and I decided to drive to the outlet. Nice blue sky. 5:15 pm

5:54 pm

Ang hirap magsukat ng damit. 1) May virus pa, 2) Nakakatamad maghubad ng damit, 3) Pang mga payat lang bagay ang mga damit.

6:44 pm

I like Retro, they have loose-flowy dresses, hindi halata ang tyan ko.

I like this one worn by the mannequin. Isukat ko yan. Pasok tayo.

Magkano kaya? Baka may Labor Day Sale…

Actually, I don’t need a new dress. I don’t go to the office naman, dito lang ako sa bahay. Every wednesday lang dumadating yung garbage collector, I don’t go to Sunday mass na kasi bawal ang crowded-areas. At saka, I need to lose my belly-fats muna. Next time na lang.

Napansin ako nung boutique’s sales manager, nakatulala ako habang nakatingin sa tag-price! She approached me and invited me to go to the rack of clothes located at the farthest end of the store. Yun daw ay 30% off. Eto daw hawak ko ay new arrival. 30% off wow! Mahal pa rin.

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