Back to the antique mall in Monterey11:15 PM Saturday August 22, 2020 |

July 11, 2020, Saturday

We checked out and headed to Monterey where we would spend one night. Instead of going straight to the hotel, we’ve decided to pasyal na lang muna kasi after checking in we would definitely feel lazy to go out. We might end up just staying in the room and sleeping.

We went back to the antique mall. We left Edmund in the car while Oyen and I explored the two story edifice.

I really liked this Tiger Woods golf memorabilia. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I didn’t have a big wall to hang it. It would be weird to place it in our office or house, Wala akong pagsasabitan. Bagay yan sa man cave or a big den. Magkano na nga ba ito? Hmmm, $3,950 less 20% discount plus 9% sales tax = $3,444.40 x 49.20 = Pesos 169,464.48 nay ko.

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