Bagong Yaman Like Jinkee Pacquiao


veronica says:Edit

you are si baduyyyyyyyyy just like jinkee pacquiao

obvious na bagong yaman ka


Dear Veronica,

Baduy is a street lingo used as an adjective to describe a person’s taste, lifestyle, preference. There’s nothing wrong with being baduy most especially if compared to #JinkeePacquiao. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Bagong yaman— Define bagong yaman. One who became rich just recently like a year ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty? Thirty?

OLD Rich— are people born to wealthy parents or yung mga ninuno nila were already rich before they were even born. They were either blue-blooded or their riches spanned at least two generations or centuries. The minute they were conceived, they were bound to inherit riches, wealth, pedigree, social standing, and recognition. Kakaunti lang sila sa mundo. Mas marami ang dapat magsumikap.

Bagong Yaman or Nouveau Riche refers to someone who did not inherit wealth from the parents, who were not born with a silver spoon but was able to accomplish things. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that.

All of us, including you, should be genuinely happy for people who strived and improved their lives thru honest and legal means, rather than feeling bitter and envious. We should wish each other a prosperous life. Sana umasenso ka rin.



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One thought on “Bagong Yaman Like Jinkee Pacquiao

  1. Inggit lang si Ms. Veronica. Nakakapanghina ng immune system ang inggit. Iwas sa inggit kasi, nakamamatay ang covid. Pag humina ang immune system, coz of inggit.

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