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July 13, 2020

Went to the premium outlet. I went inside a few stores just to look but I didn’t buy anything. I went back to Bottega Venetta but the bag I had seen before was now 30% more expensive because there was no additional discount. The line outside the Gucci boutique was kilometric long. I will not stand in line for a long time just to window shop. Saka na lang.

Cute colorful shoes

I was too lazy to walk around the shopping outlet. It was also sunny and glary. I dragged a chair and placed it under the shade near the store of Brooks Brothers and I just sat there for more than an hour while Edmund and Oyen went shopping for clothes for Manila.

Oyen went inside Starbucks and ordered Strawberry Lemonade. The lady gave her a Raspberry Lemonade instead. The woman didn’t want to touch anymore the first cup she had given Oyen. She made a new one. We ended up with a buy one take one lemonade, both flavors were refreshingly good.

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