Brunch at Carmel Belle04:30 PM Thursday August 20, 2020 |

July 10, 2020, Day 3, Friday

Our hotel no longer served breakfast since the pandemic began.

My husband was supposed to play golf today in Poppy Hills but he was having backpains. Glad he could join us and also, we needed a ride to go to Big Sur.

We took our time getting ready so by the time we went out of our room it was almost noon.

Oyen brought us to Carmel Belle which according to her is popular and highly recommended but she warned us that Belle’s menu is limited to salads and sandwiches. My daughter likes restaurants that do their share in patronizing local produce. Carmel Belle uses hormone-free meats.

Carmel Belle is located inside the Doug Craft Studios at the corner of Ocean and San Carlos Streets. The place is nice and has a rustic vibe. It’s spacious inside but only outdoor dining is allowed.

There were many tourists maybe because it’s weekend. The outdoor tables were almost full. We were lucky to get a table by the sidewalk. It was partially under the sun but the breeze was cold so it was still pleasant to sit outside. I was worried because there were too many people walking by our table and some were a little too close to where we were seated. #physicaldistancing

We could not fully enjoy our brunch and were not relaxed because Mochi growled at every dog that caught her eyes. It was embarrassing because the other diners would look at us and Mochi, as if saying that we were not training our dog.

Last night when the three of us went out to eat, we left Mochi behind and oh boy she had a serious bout of panic attack so today we didn’t want to leave her behind.

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