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Sept 26/20 9:13 pm

It ws 9 pm and all the restaurants including fastfood were already closed. As we drove around, we spotted one still well lit, it’s the only restaurant still open and very much willing to take in walk-ins. Name is Burma Burma,

We were surprised at the efficient service and delicious food.

Meron pa silang band, every Saturday daw when the weather is good.
My husband and I truly enjoyed the music. It’s been a while since I went out and watched a band. This was a bonus. Busog na kami. masarap pa yung pagkain, magaling pa yung band. Look at Edmund’s face, aliw na aliw.

There was a guy who commented after a song– “do you have something better than that?” We were all astonished at the uncalled-for comment. I saw the musicians’ facial expressions. The guy was on a date and was seated closer to the band. He realized what he had just said because we all gave him a dagger look, including his date. He apologized to the band. He tried to make up by waiting and standing behind the drummer. He apologized profusely. Actually, he didn’t intend to be rude. What he did was a reverse compliment, Ang problema, not every one would understand that that was his intention, to be cool, funny. To be safe, we should refrain from giving sophisticated compliments. Just do a simple clap, or say wow you’re really good. I am sure after this incident, that poor guy had learned his lesson.

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