Cooking for my Family

When we are here in America I am the cook, of course. I prepare spur-of-the-moment simple meals. I don’t make an advanced menu. When they want to eat, I just try to whip up something from scratch and in fifteen minutes the food is set. Kung anu-ano lang. I open the ref and pantry and grab whatever I could find.

Chopping board, Tan-Yee

Mixed green salad with green grapes, sprinkled with parmigiano cheese, pesto and olive oil dressing.
Mixed-salad with green grapes

I have a basil plant, anytime I can pick fresh basil leaves and mix them with the salad. Fresh talaga.
fresh basil

I can cook arroz caldo in 15 minutes using left-over rice. My most important ingredients in the kitchen are garlic and ginger.
chicken, rice, ginger
It’s rare that I use canned chicken broth. I just found this Swanson in the pantry, baka mag-expire so I used it na lang.
Swanson Chicken Broth

I got lazy to get another pan to boil the eggs, I just dumped them in the lugaw. One less kaldero to wash and saves gas or electric.
boiled eggs, arroz caldo

O ayan it looks like lugaw na, meron pang spring onions.

E—–“Saan ka kumuha ng chicken?”
chicken arroz caldo

I bought one whole roast chicken from Costco for $6.95 + tax. No one ate it. After a few days, I sliced it, put toyo and kalamansi, eto fried chicken ulam na.
fried roast chicken

This is very easy to make. Whole portobello mushrooms sprinkled with three kinds of cheeses including mozzarella, parmigiano, etc. Here I bake them. In Manila, I sautee kasi sira oven namin, binahayan ng daga.
baked portabello mushrooms

Steamed mussels
steamed mussels

Prawns or shrimps are also easy and fast to cook. Best of all, Edmund, Nyke, Oyen, eat them.
Sauteed prawns

Everyone loves bacon including me but there’s no non-fat bacon. I try to remove most of the fats one by one but it’s impossible to remove all of them.
fatty bacon

After removing the fatty sections, only 40% is left.

bacon fats

cooking for family

Lobster pasta
truffle pasta

Fresh from Costco
fresh lobster from Costco

I don’t have a steamer.
pan-cooked lobster

Pan-cooked lobster tails
It’s hard to remove the meat. The shell is so hard and very sharp it could easily cut thru my skin.
Lobster meat

Steamed lobster, with garlic

When not in the mood to cook but in the mood for Filipino food, there are Filipino restaurants around here. Edmund bought adobong manok and ginisang upo. The next day, I turned the left-over upo into veggie soup by just adding more water.

Adobo and ubo

Grilled pompano costs between $7 to $10 depending on the restaurant.
Grilled pompano, togue, rice,

I discovered this thin crepes made of eggs and cauliflower.
Thin crepes
Use the crepe to wrap thinly sliced grass-fed sirloin beef. It has bland taste so pesto or yogurt or any kind of dressing is recommended. The thin crepes may also be used to wrap ice cream.

I sprinkled these with salt and pepper. Silver Swan soy sauce would be good too.
pan fried beef sirloin

Father and daughter are back to their day jobs in Manila and my son is back to school. I am by myself and eating out is not fun when alone so I cook my own food.


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