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Ever since the pandemic began, of course, many people missed traveling, and because of that, they started posting their favorite travel photos to reminisce their happy adventures.

I have never done this before but today I will post a list of the countries I’ve visited in the past. The purpose is not to announce to the world that I’ve traveled, but for me to remember my trips. I wish I could remember the exact dates but that would be impossible at this point.

The pandemic limited our travels from the bedroom to the kitchen and who knows if and when I will be given the chance to travel again to faraway lands. I hope, but in the meantime, I will list those countries I’ve been to before they get erased from my failing memory.

This is not alphabetically arranged:

1. Hongkong —– +- 50X
2. Thailand—— Bangkok +-6X, Changmai 1X
3. Taiwan, Taipei—- 3X
4. Singapore —— +-7X
5. Indonesia ——Jakarta 1X, Bali 1X
6. Malaysia——– Kuala Lumpur 2X
7. Macao ———- 2x
8. Australia——- Sydney 2X, Melbourne 1X
9. Qatar———– 2x
10. China———- Beijing —3 or 4X, Shanghai —3 or 4X, Guangzhou (Canton) 3X
11. Japan———- Tokyo 4 – 5X
12. South Korea —- 3X
13. Brunei —- 2X
14. Vietnam —- Ho Chi Minh —- 2X, Hanoi —- 3X
15. Cambodia —– 1X
16. Turkey ——- 8 cities 1X
17. Israel——– Jerusalem 1X, Tel-Aviv 1X, etc.
18. Palestine —- Bethlehem — 1X
19. France ——- Paris 10X+-, Nice–1X, Lyon—-1X, Marseille—- 2X, Bordeaux— 1X, Giverny,
Lourdes 2X, etc.
20. UK ———– London, 14X more or less, Bath 1X, Liecester 3X, etc.
21. Scotland —– Edinburgh— 2X, St. Andrews 2X
22. Italy ——– Milan 2X, Rome 4X, Venice 2X, Pisa —- 1X, Asissi, etc.1X
23. Spain ——- Barcelona 2X, Madrid 1X
24. Portugal —– Lisbon 1X, Fatima 1X, Sintra,
25. Germany——- Cologne 3X, Frankfurt —- 2X, Munich 1X, Oberamerrgau 1X, Black Forest 1X
26. Liechtenstein — 1X
27. Slovakia ——- 2X
28. Austria ——– Vienna 4X
29. Hungary ——– Budapest 2X
30. India ——— Mumbai 2X, New Delhi 2X, Agra (Taj Mahal) 2X
31. Switzerland — Geneva 1X, Zurich 1X, Lucerne 1X, etc. 1X
32. Norway ——– Tromso 1X
33. Finland ——- Helsinki 1X, Rovaniemi, Kilpisjarvi in Enontekio 1X
34. Kuwait ——– 1X
35. Mexico ——– Acapulco 1X, Mexico City 1X
36. Panama ——– 1X
37. Canada ——– Toronto 1X, Vancouver (British Columbia) 3X, Montreal 1X, Ontario 1X
38. South Africa— Capetown 1X, Limpopo 1X,
39. Monaco ——– 1X
40. Russia ——– Moscow 1X
41. UAE———— 1X
42. Estonia ——- Tallinn 1X
43. Sweden ——– 1X
44. Denmark——– 2X
45. Czech Republic—- Prague 2X
46. Greece ———– Athens 1X, Mykonos 1X, Santorini 1X
47. Jordan — 1X (Dead Sea)
48. New Zealand —- Auckland 1X
49. The Netherlands —-Amsterdam 2X
50. Belgium—- Brussels 2X
51. The Vatican — 3X

52. USA ——- I’ve lost count. Although they have 50 states, the first 20 years of my travel to the US was only limited to California and Manhattan.

a. California (maybe 50X) and
b) New York (Manhattan 12X, Buffalo 1x, etc),
c) New Jersey- a few times
d) Seattle 3X,
e) Washington DC 4X,
f Virginia 1X,
g) Maryland 2X,
h) Philadelphia 1X
i) Massachusetts— Boston 1X
j) Nevada 20X +-,
k) Arizona 1X,
l) Florida (Miami, Orlando)
m) Hawaii 4X
n) Connecticut 1X

*I will add or subtract as I recall things more clearly.

53. Of course the Philippines should be counted in. — I’ve only been to a few cities: Davao 4X, Cebu maybe 6X, Bacolod 2X, Iloilo 5X, Antique 1X, Guimaras 1X, Boracay 2X, Baguio City maybe 12X, Zamboanga 1X, Jolo 1X, Batanes 1X, NCR, etc.
Quezon City—-yey where we live.

It shows on this list that I am not an adventurer. I like to go back to the same places again and again. I don’t look at the map to see where else I can go. But maybe when traveling resumes, we might explore other places Edmund and I haven’t been to like Texas. And I would like to see other places too in the Philippines such as Vigan and Palawan.

Honestly, right at this very moment, I just wanna go to places where I can find the most elegant plates.


  1. Quite a list, and lots of memories. I made a list like that years ago and counted 43. I didnt count my own country and have visited new places since then so probably around 47. I will make a new list. And would love to travel again. Have to at least get to 50. I often go to the same places too.

    1. Hi Deb,

      It was a good exercise making this list. It forced my mind to remember and it automatically brought back memories of my travels. There were moments when I got frustrated too because I couldn’t remember where else did I go and what else did I do. My memory has deteriorated much in this past two years so having this list now is an accomplishment.

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