Healdsburg Holiday Day Two05:45 AM Sunday August 30, 2020 |

August 7, 2020

Yen and I went out again leaving Edmund behind. He wasn’t able to explore this enchanting town because he was feeling sick.

We walked to the town square again and noticed that it was hotter in Healdsburg. We asked a young woman manning the restaurant to go counter and she said it’s reslly hotter here.

No Starbucks around the plaza, only a few homegrown coffee like Flying Goat.

I was so am ed at this art installation of spoons by Ned Khan. I mist have spent at least 15 minutes wondering at the simplicity and yet very artistic idea of the artist. I would like to have something like this on the patio.

Antiques again..

We bought this Lladro. I was given a small discount by the consignor. I paid $78 plus tax.

By midday we were already feeling drained because of the 100 degree-like heat but that didn’t deter me and my daughter from enjoying a slice of pie and finally we were able to try the popular ice cream.

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