Despedida for Edmund10:30 AM Thursday October 29, 2020 |

October 8, 2020

At long last, Philippine Airlines agreed to give Edmund a seat for October 10 flight to Manila with a $300+ penalty. I don’t really understand why there has to be a penalty, It was them who halted their flights. We are not blaming them for the travel bans because we all know it’s not something they wanted to happen but why impose penalty? Anyway, we’re happy to pay $300 rather than the $3,000 ticket differential they were asking at first.

A good excuse for a get-together, we had lunch with Eves, Rae, Dimple, Kuya Lito, Len, Bong — as a simple despedida for Edmund.

Rae brought her special callos, everyone’s favorite.

Eves is my other sister, not biological but we have enough connections that qualifies her to be called my sister. Count this: Kiya Lito’s trusted office manager in his Manila office 40 years ago and in his former office in the US. She’s candle or veil sponsor at our wedding in St. Augustine Church. Nyke’s baptism godmother. Edmund is the wedding godfather of her younger brother and she’s baptism godmother of two of my nieces and one nephew. Kuya Lito is the godfather of her brother. Her mother and my mother call each other kumadre. She calls my parents papang and mamang. And many more, The list is too long.

We had fun reminiscing some memorable moments with my parents. I feel nothing but love for Eves and Rae for looking up to my parents and remembering them with fondest of memories. When they speak of them, I feel their love most especially to my father.

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