Dinner at Bella Siena11:54 PM Monday August 24, 2020 |

July 31, 2020, Friday

I wanted to have change of scenery and I was particularly in the mood for a lake or river view, basta merong water. We drove to Suisun waterfront but I didn’t like the feel of it. We ended up just staying inside the car for a few minutes then drove off to Benicia instead.

I walked to the boardwalk while Edmund parked. There was a group of Filipinas taking selfies and one daringly walked down to the rocky part and spread her body on the rocks like a dreamboat temptress. She was wearing a flowing dress and the way her body moved while her friends took her photos showed she was really imagining she was a vampy femme fatale. Pang Instagram and Facebook for sure.

We looked for a place to eat and we picked one place overflowing with diners.

We were able to squeeze onto a small table by the sidewalk at Belle Siena Restaurant & Bar.

We ordered Grilled Teriyako Skirt Steak to-go for Oyen.

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