I believe that we should always celebrate our birthdays. It doesn’t have to be a celebration in grand fashion complete with cakes, spaghetti, and balloons but we should all be grateful for every birth date that comes.

It can be a simple visit to the chapel or church. Offer a simple prayer of thanks. If you have no money, most especially now that we are in the midst of crisis, on your birthday, you should feel some kind of felicity.

Of course, because it only means one thing— we are receiving the gift of life. No matter how difficult life can be at times, we should soldier on, in good times and in bad. Celebrate and be happy on the day God sent us down to Earth.

Happy birthday, Tart. May you have all the strength, wisdom, guidance, God’s support, to face every mini, small, extra small, and medium-sized challenges. I wish that no large or extra-large stresses come your (our) way. May we be protected from bad things, bad people, bad events. May the people that we encounter are all good, trustworthy, and well-meaning. May the next years of your life be full of nothing but happiness, good health, prosperity, and contentment. I wish you a long, long, very long, super-duper long healthy, happy life. More holes in one, more club championships, more birdies, and just simply enjoying golf and friendly banter with your friends for dozens of years to come.



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