Finally, Flying with PAL09:07 AM Friday November 27, 2020 |

After one month of making pakiusap, I finally got confirmation from Philippine Airlines this morning that I have a confirmed seat for their November 30 flight.

My boxes are packed with kung anu-ano lang and some items Edmund and Oyen ordered online.

I am a bit scared of the outcome of the swab test. I wanted to get tested last week but I was too late to act. There’s an influx of people getting tested so the nearest site gets packed as early as 5 am. I can’t go at 4:30 am. I am lazy, cold, and dazed at 4 am.

I hope I am virus-free (forever).


  1. hope you get home safely 🙂 your blog is always a welcome respite in a busy world. always wish you the best in life 🙂

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