Ford showroom in Petaluma10:50 PM Saturday August 29, 2020 |

August 6, 2020, 5:25 pm

We passed by a Ford showroom in Petaluma, actually, maybe this is in Healdsburg? It’s always interesting to see other Ford dealerships in foreign countries. One thing noticeable is that the application of what is called Brand and Retail image could vary from one country to another.

I enjoy driving through small towns and / or suburbs. I’ve seen some really cute Ford showrooms in Europe and looking at them tells me that they are part of Ford’s history. I am happy to see old dealerships withstand the test of time.

We are running at 25 years at least and only God knows what the future holds. Times are so uncertain and there are many factors affecting businesses. Natural calamities, viruses, government regulations, red tapes, etc. It’s hard to plan for the next 25 years. What we can only do for now is to do what we think is best at the moment, continue to be honest and sincere in all our dealings, work hard, be good and trustworthy, do business with dignity. Be grateful for the present, keep our faith, and hope for the best.

By the way, I wish to thank our loyal customers who continue to patronize Ford EDSA, Makati Ford, Ford Cainta, most especially during this pandemia. Times are challenging but we remain grateful and hopeful. Salamat sa inyong lahat.

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