Got Flu & Shingles Vaccines12:52 PM Wednesday September 02, 2020 |

Our family is pro-vaxers.

Edmund convinced me to have the shingles vaccine while we’re still here. And since we’re due for our annual flu shot, sama na rin flu vaccine.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have the shingles vaccine because I was worried about getting fever after eh mahirap ngang magkasakit ngayon ano. I gave my doctor brother a call to tell him Edmund and I wanted to get shingles vaccine. He gave me the go signal.

Edmund knows several people who had shingles and ang sakit daw. Naalala ko tuloy bigla when I was in my early 20s I got it. Sa mukha ko pa pumunta. I was supposed to do a photo shoot for a cover of a magazine and when the agent saw my face, takpan na lang daw ng makapal na makeup. I didn’t agree. Hindi pwede, hindi kaya kahit masilyahan. The shingles left a permanent scar on my nose and forehead.

I again had it when Oyen was 1 year old. I went to the US to visit my father and my siblings. I stayed at my Kuya Lito’s house, Ewan ko kung saan ko nakuha yung virus but sa legs ko naman pumunta. Ang sakit kumikirot and I had sinat. I couldn’t sleep at night. After two weeks I decided to go home. I went to a female doctor in Cardinal Santos, saan na nga bang hospital… sa Medical City ba o sa UST… nalimutan ko na. That left a big permanent scar on my left leg as big as a one peso coin. Puro peklat na ako.

Edmund was the one who contacted CVS for our flu and shingles shots appointment, He also was the one who provided them with my personal details.

August 17, 2020 1:49 pm CVS

Medyo kailangan ng palitan itong silya na ito. Nanggigitata sa dumi. I didn’t even want to sit on it.

2:15 pm

When it was my turn to be vaccinated for flu, the Korean doctor or nurse practicioner told me he’s giving me a very strong dosage. Natakot ako. Nagtaka ako bakit very strong dose?

I asked him why. He said it’s for elderly persons. Ha? Please repeat. Elderly persons ba kamo? Sino? Ako ba? Akala ko bata pa ako. ‘When I told him I am not an elderly person, nagulat, they got it wrong daw. The vaccine prepared by his assistant was for an elderly person. Nanay ko po. Nagpapabata nga ako tapos ika-classify ako sa elderly? Edmund was the one who registered me. Could it be that he added sales tax, vat, service charge plus 18% tip to my actual age?

He was the one who filled-out the questionaires for both of us. I suspect sya nga nagsulat na elderly ako. Minsan absent-minded yan. He probably thought he was in a restaurant signing his credit card bill.

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