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This is my new thing, Mexican-style dresses .

On September 10 I made a quick trip to the Mexican store. It took me a little longer before I found two more appropriate dresses. Majority of their merchandise were very colorful and respite with heavy embroidery. Masayang tingnan pero para akong sasayaw sa fiesta.

I met the owner for the second time. I had seen him before but this was the first time that the two of us had a short getting-to-know-him kind of conversation,

He said he buys his merchandise directly from his native land of Mexico. If I remember it right, he travels back every six months.

I asked him about his family `and he told me he lives here in California with one of his adult sons. His wife, according to him, didn’t want to live here. She prefered to be in Mexico. “he is my wife, I cannot say something bad about her… BUT…”. Naku I became curious, ano kaya yun Mukhang malalim ang sama ng loob. ‘So amigo, where is she?’ Why didn’t she want to be here with you?” He repeated what he had just said, “I cannot say something bad about my wife, she’s in Mexico, she’s….”

Alam ko na kung bakit.

His parents have 21 children and he’s the 17th if I get it right.

Omb—“Oh my God you’re 21? It’s like cooking for a fiesta every day. From the same mother and father?”
He—–“Si, de una sola madre y un padre”

Omb—“Your padre muy trabajador. What is his trabajo?
Too many children to feed.”

He said his father is very hardworking doing all kinds of jobs to provide for his family. As a young boy he remembers that he hardly sees his father because he is always working day and night, many jobs, like 4 jobs, and sabado y domingo.

Omb—- “Oh wow, how about your madre? What does she do?”

He said women in Mexico stay home to take care of the children. Only the men work. Oh well, attending to 21 kids is a full time vocation. It will surely drive one mother crazy. Wala silang yaya at labandera at kusinera. Restaurant ang kailangan at laundry shop.

Omb—-“Your father is also busy manufacturing babies. How many kids do you have?”

4? 5?

“hahahah, more.”

Nay ko.

I would like to go back to his store before going home to Manila so I can patronize his business. I would like to support small businesses like that. I enjoy shopping in small shops. We have since moved 45 minutes away from where this store is located but I wish to be able to drive back. I also don’t know when I would be able to travel back to the US next, maybe after a year at least. I hope and pray his store will still be here.

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