How can I lose weight?10:38 PM Saturday September 05, 2020 |

My weight teeters between 129 lbs to 132 lbs. I have not weighed myself for a week because it’s useless. I don’t cut down on food and I don’t exercise so what’s the point? It’s almost impossible to resist food. Case on point: My sister cooked Binangonan version of batchoy and a gaint fried isda with her delicious salsa. Ang lakas sa kanin. Hindi bagay pag walang kanin.

Aug 18, 2020

Our lunch on Aug 17: Tuna bake and tempura

Aig 19 I cooked sinigang na hipon and paired it with pan-fried tenderloin steak.

Aug 20, 202- Roasted chicken and pesto salad

Madeline came by on August 21 and gave us a lot of stuff.

The back of her car was full of saku-sako and kahun-kahon na patatas, sibuyas, carrots, bell peppers, apples, etc. Para akong namalengke pero libre. Thanks Lyn.

Aug 22

Oyen baked two huge artisan bread, pangsawsaw sa kape ng daddy nya. You would think she’s been baking all her life. Hinde, ngayon lang. She’s making the most of her time, just like many of you, while stuck indoors.

1 pm Lunch, Grilled shrimps with rice noodle

Aug 22 In N Out drive thru for dinner 8:17 pm

Aug 23 11:38 am

7:30 pm Steamed lobster and bacon. Parang hindi terno.

Aug 25 Lunch at Pacific Catch

Edmund buys Starbucks coffee everyday. I have so far resisted buying mocha frappuccino everytime he goes or else dagdag taba na naman ito.

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