I don’t have the power to bring back a lover11:24 PM Friday August 28, 2020 |

The frantic call for help in bringing back a philandering husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / lover / suitor is common among the messages I receive on a regular basis. Many people think I am a mangkukulam or a witch without a broom. During the first three months lockdown period and extended shelter-in-place and mandatory nationwide quarantine, the call for help intensified. Maybe because the respective spouse or lover got stuck somewhere else.

I feel the urgency and desperation in the messages. I sense the helplessness in between the lines. Recently, I received an email asking me to use my powers to bring back her old lover. Oh my buhay, I am sorry but God hasn’t bestowed me with the power to tinker with people’s hearts and whims. Even if He did, I don’t think I would use it. Love should be given freely, and not forcibly. What good would it do knowing that the man beside you doesn’t love and like you anymore? The word lover obviously means being in love. So how can you call him your lover when he is not in love with you. As painful as it is, please do yourself a favor by accepting that this guy doesn’t love you. Let him be. Preserve our dignity by not running after a man who is running away from you. Don’t chase him. Dapat tayo ang hinahabol, hindi tayo ang naghahabol. Kung ayaw na sa’yo, eh di huwag nya. I know it’s easier said than done. Madaling sabihin kasi hindi sa akin nangyayari pero kung biglang mangyari sa akin, kung ayaw na ng asawa ko sa akin, bahala nga sya sa buhay nya. Kung gusto nyang umalis, tutulungan ko pa syang magbalot ng mga salawal nya.

One day you will learn to accept that this person is out of your life and that you have a new life to enjoy.


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