It’s time to move10:14 AM Tuesday October 27, 2020 |

Sept 29, 30

After ten years it’s time to move and packing is not fun at all. It never is and never will be.

I’ve accumulated too many plates and glasses according to my husband and I do not agree. He also said “dami nating throw pillows”, that I fully agree.

I discovered things I didn’t know I have like this salt and pepper shaker.
I have no recollection that I even bought this.

Saan ba kayo gawa ha? Ay yay yay…

Of course I will never leave you behind my dear succulent. Eto kahit 6 months ako nasa Pilipinas walang tubig, buhay pa rin.

I will miss my own version of the White House rose garden, sa gilid lang ng kusina. My husband planted these roses 8 years ago. Ang sipag mamulaklak.

We normally only vacationed here for a few weeks, sometimes only for two, and every time we’re here, Edmund spends his days planting, gardening, pruning. We hate to leave behind the fruits of his 10 years labor of love, most especially our magic kalamansi.

I’ll miss our neighbor’s delicious green apples na akala ko tanim namin yun pala inumit ng husband ko sa kabilang bakod.

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