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July 15, 2020, Wednesday

Dropped off Oyen’s online shopping return package at the Fedex branch inside Walgreens. Lo and behold, the guy manning Fedex is Filipino. I drove another block to UPS to drop off a package for Frank.

I saw a woman ordering photos. Meron pa pala nyan.

Next stop- Smart & Final. Many shoppers were not fully conscious of keeping a safe distance from other people to prevent catching or spreading the virus. Some keep talking in total disregard for other customers.

There was a guy who couldn’t make up his mind whether he would like to buy a pack of peas. I saw him staring at it then returning it. Then in seconds he grabbed it again and placed it in his shopping cart. In ten seconds he took it back to the chiller. Then he walked back to get it. I wanted to yell at him “Be man enough! Can you just leave it?” This is the kind of guy who would not dare leave his wife no matter how cruel she is. He is a keeper.

Dinner at BJ’s in Livermore. It was good they set up big tables outdoors.

I just love their Ahi Tuna tartare on crispy wonton wrappers. This is easy to make— Buy fresh sushi-grade tuna, cut in small cubes, mix with cilantro, soy sauce, sliced green onions, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, orange or lime zest, and avocado, A tiny sprinkle of black pepper would be good too depending on your preference.

July 17

Oyen baked cinnamon rolls. The shelter-in-place unleashed her talent in the kitchen. When I get home, we will set up a whole room as her bakery!
Anak parang medyo sunog yata?

BJ’s food delivery. Sobrang napaglilihan ko itong BJ’s.

July 18

I hate it when I have to gas up.

I sprinted to the Maxican store to find new clothes. I did! I bought two for $80 no tax. In 10 – 15 minutes I was done shopping. Suki na ko this was my second time here. I will go back soon and I hope to find some new styles. Puro bulaklakin yung mga nadun, sobrang makulay, sana merong mas simple lang.

July 20, 2020 10:15 am

Edmund accompanied me to the swab testing center. We didn’t get off the car. I was kind of nervous kasi sabi masakit daw. The nurse had me do it twice kasi daw dapat ipapasok talaga. Hindi naman masakit. Yung iba daw kasi nag nose bleed.

July 20, 2020 2:13 pm

My kids cooked organic brussel sprouts for late lunch.

BJ’s food delivery for dinner– really? Again? Mukha na akong tuna, at amoy toyo na.

It’s heartbreaking to see many restaurants fold up most especially those who have been a part of the city’s evolution and progress. The Cliff House in San Francisco is another casualty of the economic downturn. They had to close the dining areas uncertain whether they will be able to generate enough money to sustain a huge drop in their operations. I think they are continuing the take-outs and maybe by this time they have adjusted their operations to the social distancing arrangements.

July 21 Lunch

Multi-colored organic potatoes fresh from the farm

OYEN baked Ube-cheese rolls

Dinner at my sister’s house. She cooked one giant kaldero of Kanduli sinigang sa miso. I finished one huge plate of steamed rice. You can’t eat this dish without rice.

Working away from the office now requires digital banking. We have to adapt to this unprecedented covid times. The world’s reliance and dependence on technology is further sped up by the pandemic.

We are grateful to our managers for taking care of the office. Thanks to UPS, DHL, Fedex for efficiently handling and delivering office documents on time.

July 25

At the start of the pandemic, dear husband planted cherry tomatoes. Eto meron ng bunga pero hindi sya cherry red, parang dark violet. My son planted a potato, eto ang daming dahon pero asan na kaya yung bunga? Baka marami na sa ilalim ng lupa.

Edmund planted an orange tree, kalamansi, lemon, avocado, pomegranate 10 years ago. Meron kaming isang grape but has never borne one single tiny strand of grapes. Hopefully next year.

For my dinner, Ahi Poke food delivery from BJ’s. Again and again and again. I am sure one of these days I would get sick and tired of eating this, till then…

July 26 Oyen’s first crack in making homemade cheese ensaymada

Flavorful Japanese Salmon Bake

July 28

Fresh organic strawberries picked the day before. Oyen made fresh whipped cream and baked this bread to go with the strawberries. #addictive

Stargazing– There’s supposed to be a meteor shower but I was afraid to stay out late for fear of weakening my immune system to fight the virus. I didn’t see any shooting star. Oyen stayed behind and I requested if she could just make a wish for me. I told her my wishes 1) for the virus to go away and to heal those who are infected, 2) for my son.

July 29 I cooked truffle meatballs

The sky is still bright at 8:39 pm.

July 30 Documents for Ford Cainta for shipping via UPS. It costs around P1,600 for one envelop to be sent from Manila to the US, but $150 – $180 from the US to Manila. Why the big disparity?

Body massage for Mochi

Cooked Mahi-mahi for lunch

Every single time I cook bacon, I patiently remove the fatty parts, almost nothing is left.


  1. I am a mother and just found your site. Your articles about your children are heartwarming and they inspire me to be a good and loving mother like you. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life.

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