Leaving Healdsburg09:49 PM Sunday August 30, 2020 |

August 8, 2020, 9:15 am, Saturday

Me and Oyen enjoyed the two nights stay here in Healdsburg and our short walks from Grape Leaf to the town square and back. There were only two things that dampened our spirits that’s why we couldn’t really enjoy our mini-holiday totally— Edmund was not feeling well, and the stress or stresses here and there, back home.

We secretly wished to stay for a few more days. We didn’t even get to visit the wineries, the Russian River, and dine in other Healdsburg rated restaurants. Di bale, next time, I hope there will be plenty of next time, maybe next year when the virus has gotten tired of infecting humans.

Yen and I were worried how Edmund could manage driving for two hours when he’s not feeling well. He was runnig a slight fever last night but a tablet of paracetamol helped. I offered to drive but he would not let me. Baka lalo syang lagnatin pag ako ang magmamaneho.

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