Life is constantly changing10:08 AM Sunday November 29, 2020 |

I always hear people say “balik tayo sa dati nating buhay”.
There is no such thing as dating buhay. Our lives are constantly changing. The world evolves every single second and we human beings are part of it.

My life before is no longer the same as my life today. Some things remain constant, but it doesn’t mean my life is not changing. To begin with, I am older, and all the people around me are including my own children and husband. My daughter is now married and her life is also changing. She has a husband to wait at night to have dinner with and she wakes up early to try to have breakfast with him. My son is still single but his life is also changing. Instead of going to an actual school and physically interacting with his professors and classmates and making new friends, he is glued in front of a computer listening to his professors. We’ve also moved from a house on a hill to a house on top of a mountain with no neighbors and surrounded by wildlife. The feeling of being somewhat isolated is something to get used to.

My husband wants me to spend Christmas here because he said the vaccine is coming in December here in America and he wants me to get the vaccine right away. But that’s not so sure yet. I don’t want to get stuck here again while waiting for the vaccine. Hopefully, we will all get it as soon as it reaches the Philippines. I hope we get the legit ones, not fake vaccines from our neighboring countries.

I am leaving tomorrow for Manila and this is another big change. I have grown accustomed to staying here in California (pandemic lockdown) and my husband is concerned that it would take some kind of adjustment when I get to Manila. He said it’s mainit and malagkit while here it’s malamig and maginaw, walang lagkit.
Mochi is going to look for me and I am going to miss her too. I will miss our morning walks, and night outs while I wait for her to do her thing.

My sister’s house looks different now for the better. She has a beautiful kitchen. Her eldest daughter Kaykay is pregnant and soon, Len would be a doting lola. That’s a major change too.

My eldest brother is moving to a new city with his lawyer son, Ryan. His eldest son, Dr. Tan, and wife Jennifer recently bought a huge parcel of land by the lake and will soon be building a house there. His other son has also bought a house near a lake. See the major changes?

A dear friend of mine recently got back from the Philippines and she is experiencing some major changes in her life. Tough times but she has no choice but to adapt.

Business is slow but my husband has a very good rationalization. Yes, it’s slow but what can we do? We just have to keep moving forward because we can’t do anything about it.

The economic blow the covid pandemic has created is something no one could have ever predicted. We just have to keep our faith and try our very best to survive and ride with the changing times. Our health and safety comes first.

Even with an effective vaccine, our lives will never be the same again.

Let’s all hope and pray that our days ahead, and the new year 2021 and beyond will be much better than in 2020. Volcanic eruption, pandemic, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, natural calamities and manmade disasters, please spare us all.

In God we trust.

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