Lightning Storm01:40 AM Monday August 31, 2020 |

August 17, 2020

I was very sleepy I couldn’t open my eyes to check what was going on. I could hear rumbling thunder intense lightning strikes, and rain. This was rare here. In my 34 years of regularly visiting the US, I’ve never experienced this wild kind of rolling thunder and lightning spectacle. Must be the changing weather patterns and climate change, and global warming effects.

I came across an article several years ago that said one of the negative effects of global warming was there would be frequent dangerous lightning showers or lightning storms too low to the ground and that could hit us. Ever since I read that, I became conscious of where to duck to avoid being hit in case the sky suddenly decided to put on a lightning show.

This must be it.

It was my daughter who witnessed nature’s magnificent lightning show at 2 am but we didn’t realize that by the time we woke up that morning, hundreds of fires sparked by the lightning storm were uncontrollably raging in many areas of Northern California. Oh God.

The sky was deceivingly beautiful that day and little did we know that in many parts of the state, hundreds of wildfires burn whole mountains, killing animals and destroying structures,and endangering communities.

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