Mochichi is now my constant companion11:56 PM Monday October 26, 2020 |

One major thing this pandemic changed is my affiliation with dogs. Yes, dogs are swarming around our residence in Manila but it doesn’t make me a caring and loving mommy because I am afraid to touch them. I freeze when the big ones are around.

Oyen borrowed Mochi from my sister a week after the US lockdown began in spring and that now seems to be a blur. I underwent total transformation like a behavioral symchronization with Mochichi as I like to call her.

I have bonded totally with Mochi, and to say that the two of us are inseparable is an understatement, I provide her with physical support maybe, feeding her, but she doesn’t know that she has also become my support system, emotional maybe. We are now the very best of friends.

It crosses my mind to adopt her and be her official and full time nanny but the 14 hours travel to Manila might be too much for a 13 year old Yorkie. Oyen anticipates that I might want to do that so she got the requirements. A dcotor’s certification that Mochi is my emotional support, and a ticket for her. I can buy her a seat so the two of us can seat together,

Mochi hates other dogs even her own, like Peanut and Jelly😆.

She bit Peanut on the head.

In Manila, I don’t know how she can have a peaceful coexistence with Hugo, Lucy, Stitch, Stella, Choco, Latte, and Jack. Plus Oyen’s blind cat, Vision. We also might not have peaceful moments from all those growling.

I will surely miss Mochichi and she won’t even remember me. But I sure do want to borrow her again next time I come to America for a holiday. #covidgoaway #vaccinewhereareyou #mochiandme #doglover #petcare

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