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Hired professional movers but on the day of the move, they were no where to be found. When I called their head office in Los Angeles, the woman who took my deposit a week prior and supposedly the one coordinating everything didn’t have the slightest clue claiming that their system was hacked and erased all their customers data base including my confidential information. Oh mi oh mio. I was so disappointed, nakakainis but there was nothingI could do. I also felt guilty getting mad at the receptionist because a week ago the two of us bonded together by talking about her family. She lost her one and only sibling two years ago. He and his wife had just attended a party and were driving home in separate cars. Her brother was at the intersection while his wife’s car was right behind him. The light turned green so her brother moved, a truck tried to beat the red light and collided with her brother’s car hitting the driver’s side. Her one and only sibling died on the spot. He left two young daughters which she now helps raise, giving her full love and support. Her brother was 34. Her sister in law has found a job and is slowly getting back on her feet.

After two hours of me calling and pressuring their office, they found a group of Croatian movers who saved the day by arriving at past 1 pm instead of 8 in the morning.

Three guys srrived, one, in his esrly 70s whom I thought was the dad of the two younger ones. The youngest guy looked super handsome and I must say hindi bagay sa kanya naghahakot ng mga muebles. He is more good looking than many of the Hollywood male celebrities. Actually sobra syang gwapo he looks more pretty than handsome. Dapat dun mag-artista or commercial model. He is a student daw and this was probably his way of earning some extra money. Masipag.

I paid a total of $1,600 to the movers including a fat tip.

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