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The highlight of my short visit to Las Vegas was an hour of shopping for antiques, Bong and Len gladly accompanied me to the Antique Mall of America.

My sister also likes vintage European furniture, crystals, porcelain vases and tea sets but she doesn’t collect plates and tea cups like I do. Actually, I don’t really collect. I just buy based on my mood that’s why I don’t really have a lot.

I was in search for a small corner table for the powder room where I can place a box of tissue, sanitizer, and where guests can put down their purse.

I initially thought of getting this 100 year old French desk to put in the toilet but after some imagination of how the ambience would be like I decided against it. This table is pretty but maybe too gloomy for the toilet. I want to brighten up the small powder room and this will not be the one.

This painted white farm table would definitely brighten up the toilet by default and it’s cheap at $60 compared with the French one which is $200. I didn’t get this either because it could be too casual and the powder room is not casual-farmhouse thing.

Maybe instead of a table I’ll just place a chair like this. The brown frame is too dark, I still need to paint over it. No, I am lazy to do that.

I didn’t buy a plate or tea cup. I can’t just grab one every time I see one. I have plenty of kalat na and no cupboard or display cabinet to put them.

We met the lady owner of this store specializing in French country furniture. She invited us over to her house where there are plenty more of this. We are not looking for big furnishings, one, we cannot load them at the back of the SUV, two, we have no place for them.

I really liked these solid cast iron doggies but how to bring them home was nearly impossible. It would be too expensive to ship which would not be all worth it. Ang ganda sana to place at the front entrance.

This original oil painting of vase and flowers suits my personality. It has the white and blue colors which are my favorites, the soothing greens, the lovely pink flowers. Looking at it makes me feel good already. We definitely have a connection. I’d like to buy it.

After I saw the $12,000 price tag, naku po, hindi ito bagay sa bahay namin. Parang nahilo ako.

This gentleman moved to Las Vegas from Great Britain after a short holiday here with his friend, 40 years ago. He buys and sells art, Italian and French furniture, and collectibles. He owned the stall where the tiny french table was. He owns several spots including the displays at the entrance. He offered to show me some small tables so in this photo, me, Len, and Bong, were following him.

I spotted a very tall painting of a woman holding an umbrella. It was 7 ft tall x 4 ft wide.

I asked for the providence but he only knew bits and pieces about the owner and the artist from China. I was very much interested but I needed to research more information about the artist which he said was based in China. I googled the name and found some info about a young female artist with the same name but I wasn’t 100% sure that it’s the same person who painted this. I messaged the seller if he has some printed literature or detailed information about the artist and the story of the painting– how it traveled to the United States from China and into his antiques store.

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