Napa Valley River Inn11:58 PM Thursday August 27, 2020 |

We were trying to make the most out of our stay here after the shelter-in-place was lifted. Although we felt safer from the virus by being holed up inside our house, it wasn’t fun talking to the fence and walls. We needed a change of scenery.

We enjoyed our short holiday in Carmel so Oyen arranged for a similar short holiday this time in Napa Valley.

August 4, 2020, Tuesday, 5:20 pm

We checked in at the Napa River Inn. This was my second time here, first for Edmund, Oyen, and for our dear Mochi.

Oyen got a room on the first floor, big enough for the three of us, plus a balcony for Mochi to do her thing.

#napariverinn #napavalleyhotels #besthotelnapa

500 Main Street
Tel: 877-251-8500


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