October Living #110:11 PM Wednesday October 28, 2020 |

How to protect your floor from dog pee and poo. Oct 1 1:46 pm

Training Mochi to pee or poo outside is a total commitment and needs patience. 10/2 12:25 pm.

My daughter packed her personal items in advance, weeks before she left for Manila. Among us, she was the one who started getting ready much sooner. 4:34 pm

Empty except for Santa who’s also moving soon.

This yard served as Edmund’s putting green. It provided us with the much needed outdoor space during the three months lock-down period and three more months of physical distancing. It’s also perfect for stargazing. 4:36 pm

April 22 1:20 am, waiting for shooting stars so we could make a dozen wishes to heal the world.

New spot to hang-out.

We moved to a more secluded area with no neighbors on one side and we so far had spotted deers, wild turkeys, fox, wild boars. Edmund placed water in this birdbath hoping the wild animals would wander and discover where water is free. Mochi found it first. 10/3 2:10 pm

This house is 20 years old kaya amoy luma na. I placed a bottle of room fragrance diffuser but it didn’t make any dfference. Oct 5 10:34 am

I am not sure where this came from. Regalo,kaya ito sa akin?

Kahit ano’ng air freshner ilagay, pag nagluto ng longganisa o kahit anong ulam, amoy na amoy kahit saang sulok ng bahay, kahit sa loob ng aparador.

Too oily. Oct 5 11:07 am

Dinner Oct 5 7:28 pm

Edmund went to Homedepot, while waiting, I went to the garden section and picked two bunches of flowers.

An old man saw the beautiful flowers on my cart. He asked where I got them. He told me he’s going to give the flowers to his daughter. Aww so touching, Only the left side of his shoulder and arm was functioning, I wish that he lives on for many more years, healthy, active, and surrounded by his loved ones. Oct 6, 4:11 pm

While Mochi and I were just outside Homedepot’s garden section, I saw a Caucasian woman walking fast while having some difficulty carrying two large boxes of tools that seemed heavy. Several Homedepot employees were yelling at her but they were not chasing her. They just stood outside the main entrance while shouting at her. “You thief!” “Come back here!”

Nanay ko po, walang epek yang pasigaw-sigaw kunwari.

A white car suddenly pulled up and picked the woman up. Kasabwat pala. She has an accomplice. She had stolen three boxes of expensive tools but none of the employees dared chase her. If I were them, I would run after her and grab the tools back. American laws enable stealing in stores. These crooks know the employees are defenseless because they are barred from confronting thieves so this happens. People take advantage. Criminals have no fear of being caught. Mga tao ginagawa ang asal. Many blatantly steal because they know they would not be caught nor be sent to jail most especially during these pandemic times. Emboldened by their success tool heist, I am sure that woman and man went to another branch of Homedepot and or Lowe’s to steal again.

Get-away vehicle 4:15 pm


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