OCTOBER LIVING #211:58 PM Wednesday October 28, 2020 |

Oct 1, 2020

Before launching a new product extensive research is necessary. Since the whole world has become one market place, companies must do due diligence before naming their products. What is cute in one country could be obscene in another. 99 Ranch7:28 pm

dinner to go 7:46 pm

Grilled shrimp with rice vermicelli 8:16 pm

I wish to have a more powerful camera to capture the glorious night sky. October 4 8:43 pm

Panda Express to go Oct 6, 6:50 pm

Mochi fights with her own reflection

Husband went to the sepermarket and came back with dozens of flowers. His favorite is the stargazer kasi he likes the smell. Medyo parang pang punerarya ang amoy.

He got carried away daw. I had to place them in vases with water otherwise bukas lanta na. We have no vases here, only recycled glass jars from pasta sauces. Oct 7, 12:18 am

Thank you dear husband.

Oct 7, 2020 5:30 pm

Accompanied Edmund to Gucci’s boutique to buy a bag for his mom. He initially picked a top handle in solid color red but when I spotted this flowery one, I knew that my mom in law would like this better. She also has a dress in similar color and pattern. We matched it with a very nice flaming red wallet.

Nice sana ito pero ang laki naman ng pangalan, naninigaw.

May be it’s just me but there is something peculiar about the way this guy stands. Tinging ko iba yung posture or tindig. Pati yung mga daliri.

I was walking by when this royal blue cutie purse caught my eye. I wanted to go in but the store manager didn’t want to allow Mochi inside. I went to Gucci first because Edmund was already calling. I went back and tied Mochi at the entrance but I didn’t go in. I just handed over my credit card to the Asian sales lady thru the door’s gap and waited at a bench outside with Mochi. 5:50 pm

6:15 pm Gorgeous colors of sunset

Oyen asked me to get Kate Spade. Coach, etc. pasalubong for her key staff.

Sushi dinner to go 8:31 pm

Been buying red bean popsicle and mochi ice cream.

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