October 11, 2020

I saw a woodpecker doing what it does best, peck. It spent at least 30 minutes trying to breakdown this tree.

October 12, 2020

Prosciutto salad for lunch 2:48 pm

Dogs are not allowed on the artificial grass so I tied Mochi on the post while I ate. I was so embarrassed when she peed on the turf. 3:03 pm

Keeping distance 3:43 pm. Refreshing lemonade from Starbucks 3:51 pm

October 13 Keeping Mochi warm 4:37 pm

I ordered online eight (8) escape ladders, 6 fire blankets, and 4 fire balls. They arrived one after the other, in different batches. October 13, 54 pm

October 15, 2020 2:06 pm

I went to Lowe’s to return an item. A white American lady, for some reason, was picking on me and Mochi. First, she told me I entered the wrong door. Then when Mochi and I were walking towards the other door, she followed me and asked me why I was bringing a dog. I just ignored her, and perfect timing naman itong si Mochi, she stopped and peed. The more the woman got peeved. She said “you are bringing a dog to pee here at Lowe’s!) I pretended I didn’t hear her.

My parking skill is deteriorating or maybe I just need practice. Oct 15, 3:03 pm

I like this one about personal conversations from Thinking Humanity.

Oct 16, 9:07 am

I was folding the curtains to return them to the store because they were short in length and just didn’t look right for the tall windows. Mochi was getting in the way. 9:09 am


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