The many months of sheltering in place made me realize how valuable or useful even a tiny piece of open space was. I appreciated the good feeling a small patio provided me during moments of pensiveness. To have a chair even in a cramped easement could create an ambiance of relaxation.

Almost every sunset or early evenings, I sat down on a chair behind the kitchen wall facing the wooden fence and a patch of roses. This space made me feel happy, relax, and safe. I called this spot as my rose garden.

I was searching for some samples of small patios I could draw inspiration from. I was not someone who would Google for photos or pegs but lately, I started searching for an outdoor coffee table and my search brought me to photos of some lovely patios.

An ugly or tiny space could turn into a homey, cozy, romantic, cute patio for muni-muni, coffee, meditation, and relaxation. It would also be nice to have someone sit with you, kwentuhan lang, kahit kung anu-ano.


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