People Post the Meanest things about others10:29 PM Friday July 03, 2020 |

It’s very easy to invent fake articles, fake news, propagate damaging fake information about other people. I’ve seen posts from people who attack others (not us), saying the meanest words. Nagugulat ako how some people can be so vicious. Minsan comment lang about a certain singer, politician, or actress, grabe ang mga ginagamit na salita, nakakagulat. Where do this bad people get those evil thoughts? Is it because they cannot be seen, their identity hidden by an email address not bearing their real name? Kung nakalagay ang tunay nilang pangalan at tutoong picture nila, siguro hundi ganun kasama ang mga sasabihin nila.

Naku huwag tayong gagaya sa mga taong ganyan. Yung mga masasamang salita na ibinabato natin sa iba, baka bumalik at tayo ang tamaan. Kung nagawa natin na magbitiw ng masasakit na salita tungkol sa ating kapwa, tapos na yun pero huwag na nating ulitin. Huwag tayong mag-imbento ng mga fake news. Do not destroy other people’s good name. Whether you are their fan or not, just keep your mouth shut. Do not let envy and anger rule your mind, heart, and soul. Let’s continue to be kind and respectful to others.
Choose to be good.
Be kind.


  1. Yes,we understand you cannot write the truth about the current Philippine administration since you will suffer the same fate of the Silverio’s that caught the ire of the Marcoses and lost their Toyota dealership.
    The beleaguered Lopez family could not even stop the shut down of ABS-CBN again and the blatantly vile Duterte’s can easily shut your Ford dealership down.

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