August 6, 2020

I didn’t know that Petaluma has a premium outlet. Medyo gloomy because when we went, the place was virtually empty. Ang init pa mandin kaya talagang parang ang lungkot duon.

Edmund volunteered to take care of mochi while Oyen and I shopped but he got dizzy. I think from the intense heat. The place was open air with no shade or cover for people who don’t go inside the shops.

We did get some bargain in Ann Taylor that was closing on that very same day. They were closing in 10 minutes so Oyen and I activated our speed shopping powers. However, the store was nearly empty, and not many to choose from.

Oyen bought some pasalubong from Kate Spade for some of her office staff. I saw her trying on dresses but she didn’t find them flattering.

From this moment on, Edmund started feeling unwell. We have one more city to explore and I wasn’t sure if he could manage.


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