Suman at Pritis- Pritis

Our trip to Antipolo is never complete without eating in the carinderia and buying suman, kasuy, pastillas at mani.

Hot sotanghon soup with itlog and lots of bawang P30/bowl.


Bicol Express, Menudo, Bopis, Laing, Painakbet, Ginataang Langka etc.

All P70/order.


I saw a male vendor selling what looked like chicharon.

Sabi nya sa akin,  “Mam,  pritis pritis”.

First time I heard that word, so I looked at his merchandise again to see what pritis was.  Kala ko kasi he was selling chicharon.  Then I saw  the  karatulas at the suman stores



(Photo disappeared after my site crashed,  I hope to find them)


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