Road trip to Las Vegas again04:49 PM Friday October 30, 2020 |

OCTOBER 18, 2020

8:49 am

Right after Edmund had left for Manila, Bong and Len planned on going to Las Vegas for a week or two. I tagged along!

11:12 am

First stop was at Love’s gas and Arby’s, not at Popeye’s but it was time for me to try something different. I was only tagging along and where we go is their call. The very first time I saw this Love’s name I thought it was a motel. Madumi isip.

11:19 am Arby’s has started allowing dine in but limited to two tables only.

Len and Bong’s favorite is the classic roast beef. This was my first time at Arby’s and I didn’t know what to order so I just ordered the same thing, roast beef. Masarap even the fries. 11:30 am

When Edmund is on the wheel, we always stopped at Starbucks in Barstow so I requested Bong to make a stop there, for tradition sake.

There was a big sign on the window that they only accept online order so for a few minutes, Len and I stood there wondering how to go about it. We entered and found a long line so we queued. After almost 10 minutes of not knowing if this was getting us closer to the cashier, someone told us that’s the line going to the toilet. Oh! 2:33 pm

I actually wanted the fuschia-colored drink that my kids usually ordered for me but I didn’t know how it’s called but I guessed that it’s raspberry.

I told the cashier I wanted the red drink, raspberry juice. She said “we don’t have raspberry juice”. “Yes, you do, the red one! The red or purple?” My sister interceded. She scanned the menu board and saw Mango Dragon Fruit, Yes, that’s the one. The cashier also guessed it right. Stupid me, relying too much on my kids to get me that drink without knowing what it was.  My sister told me “Ate, tandaan mo ang pangalan, Mango Dragon Fruit.”    2:45 pm

We reached Las Vegas sooner than expected with the sun still up.

We went straight to eat Filipino food. My dessert was the old fashion karioka. This is delicious but not advisable to those wearing loose dentures because karioka is sticky. Didikit yan sa ngala-ngala at sa pustiso mo. Baka pag-ngiti mo eh wala ka ng ipin. Ooops! Sira ang porma.

4:50 pm

I used to laugh at Americans who don’t carry cash and use their credit card for purchases of very low amounts like $7. But today, with corochinchin virus still active, no one wants to pay in cash and that includes me.

I paid for the karioka with my credit card $1.50. And that’s not the worst, I recently paid 44 cents using my Mastercard. I no longer laugh at others, I now laugh at myself. 4:53 pm

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