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September 2, 2020

  1. Airport toilet exclusively for my personal use.

2. Last year, some edifices in Manila started charging P100 parking fee. Sobrang mahal. That was the equivalent of my tuition fee in high school or one month salary of a clerk in Makati. If I found the parking fees in Manila expensive, more so here at the airport in California.

$18 x P 48.50 = P 873 only for a little over two hours. That was the equivalent of my brother’s one- semester tuition fee in the College of Medicine, although that was during the reign of Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal.

September 3

3. Green revolution inside a tiny greenhouse in the side yard.

Cherry tomatoes,

Payat and tulis na sili, siling labuyo

Tabachuy na sili

September 4

4. Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks to go for brunch 10:19 am, Oakland

Parking lot dining 10:30 am

5. It’s impossible not to think of my father every time I am at Homedepot.

11:24 am

6. We’ve been to 3 places this morning before going to my sister’s house.

12:24 pm

I’t’s my habit to wash my hands every chance I get even before the arrival of corochinchin virus.

7. I was standing in the backyard when I noticed a deer staring at me, I got so excited I misstepped and this happened. Wah ang sakit lang naman. These pictures showed me that I needed a foot scrub, a full leg lotion therapy to condition my super dry skin, and a leg scrub. Samahan na rin ng massage pag wala ng covid. Aray, namaga na. My husband said buti naman hindi ako nabalian ng buto, oo nga, malutong na pa naman ang mga bulalo ko.

2:25 pm

8. Went to Ikea in Emeryville. Bought a pack of meatballs. There was a long line but I was wearing a mask and keeping distance.

5:42 pm

Babae #1 — “Hey, these meatballs are made in Sweden.”

Babae #2 companion — “Do they taste like Swedish meatballs?”

5:48 pm

Our favorite yogurt that tastes like soft-serve ice cream

Dinner at the IKEA parking lot 5:58 pm

What lovely colors of autumn, 6:13 pm.

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