September Living #202:58 PM Wednesday October 28, 2020 |

Sept 15 super late brunch

3:42 pm Buying diaper for Mochi at Petco

Removed old fashioned shelves liner in the walk-in pantry.

Sept 16 9:44 am

For the past 10 years we’ve been curious about a row of houses perched atop a steep hill. For curiousity’s sake, we drove up the almost vertically-inclined road to see what’s there. I wouldn’t want to live there. Feeling ko dadaus-os ako sa ibaba ng kalsada. Para akong mahuhulog and the wind is very strong. Mahirap rin mag parada sa kalye. But the the view from high up there is undeniably stunning.

Met a young Filipino security camera installer named Jo. Magalang sya and soft spoken. 9/16/20 3:59 pm

I needed a thirst quencher. 9/16/20 Chili’s 7:01 pm

Outdoor dining at Chili’s

9/20/20 12:04 pm

I am not sure if she just looks older but whatever her age is, she surely drives faster than me.

Untied and packed, ready for moving. 11:22 pm


Homedepot 1:57 pm

My husband wanted to buy these new products contra virus but we’re not even sure if these things work.

Grabbed quick food

Ever since i discovered In N Oit’s protein burger, this is just the only thing I order from them, plus french fries. 2:31 pm

The first thing you must bring to a house you are moving into is what is called 7 treasures: Toyo, bigas, posporo (or lighter), asin, suka, mantika, tea or tsaa. Pwede rin idagdag ang asukal.

Arts and crafts:

Dismantled the 20-year old chandelier and removed the mini black shades.

With the help of my husband, I covered the original black metal with two coats of gold paint and two coats of copper paint to give it an antique gold finish, 9/22/20

I don’t like this chandlier but sayang naman if I will spend to buy a new one, it’s still reusable.

Sunflower seeds keep Edmund awake while driving, Dati sya lang kumakain, ngayon ako na rin nakikikain while sitting at the passenger side

Pet food is a billion dollar market in the United States. I see celebrity chefs advertising on tv their delicious meals for dogs and cats.

I bought some for Mochi. 8:07 pm

. Sept 22 10:27 am

I cooked organic mushrooms. I could tell the difference in the freshness and taste.

I mixed the mushroom with tofu and garlic. My sister cooks the best tofu dish in all of America.

Bong found this original Levitz shopping bags burried under their piles of old stuff untouched for maybe 25 years. Len willingly gave them to me. Levitz was a huge store in San Leandro and we used to go there just to admire the vast showroom display of furniture. It was my father who first brought us there. Their sign pole could be see from Freeway 880 and it had become a landmark to the thiusands of motorists en route south. Levitz will always be a part of my memories of my father.

Too bad my husband doesn’t like the contents. He thinks they are heads with the eyes staring at him. I will still find a place for this, for sentimental reasons. I will ship them to Manila and will most likely display them in Tagaytay, in a spot away from my husband. 9/22 5:55 pm

Dinner from Ranch 99 or 99 Ranch 7:41 pm

The neighbor’s gardener recommended to me his cousin who cleans houses. She only speaks a few words in English like— clean, water, toilet, thank you, ba bye. I know many words in Spanish only because they are similar to many Tagalog words but I still grapple for the right word— bentana, escalera, floras, banyo, ola, pasada. I found a more efficient way to give her instructions. Thank you to Google translator. I write the words on a piece of paper and pass it on to her. This also prevents me from directly interacting with her and to keep a safe physical distance although she wears a mask the whole time. She’s very professional, She continuosly cleaned for 7 hours only stopping twice- to eat and to take a call from her 10 year old daughter. The second time she came, she cleaned for 6 straight hours with a 5 minute break only to drink water.

The majestic sun rises at 7 am. 9/25

Edmund bought a new bed for Mochi with matching blanket. 9/25 7:23 pm

Buena mano ihi ni Mochichi buti na lang Edmund was forward thinking. He wrapped the floor with plastic. 9/24 8:48 am

Hay nakakatamad mag ligpit ng kalat 9/26 8:11 pm

Breakfast 9/28 9:41 am

9/28 12:56 pm

We went to Living Spaces to make usyoso their area rugs. My impression was that he wanted to go also because to begin with he was the one who mentioned and suggested that Living Spaces has a lot of carpets in store display. He didn’t tell me beforehand that he didn’t want to go because he was busy and wanted to finish packing because he was leaving in a few days. He thought I didn’t have the right floor measurements. Me naman, I was taking my sweet time just looking, checking out what’s available, enjoying the moment. I thought going to Living Spaces was just a simple activity the two of us could enjoy together and that It didn’t matter if we found things we liked or not. Buying something was just secondary. That’s me and I was totally wrong. The two of us ended up having a fight at the store over some mundane things. Fighting is so tiring and is not a good use of energy and time. Arguing over petty things that are not actually important is ridiculous and puts an unnecessary strain in a couple’s relationship. But this occurances are expected to happen when one, or two are stressed out, or they are both simply no longer in sync.

Couples don’t have to like the same things because to begin with they are two very different individuals. One is man, one is woman. Blending together in peaceful harmony could be a challenge. It’s not everyday that he likes, she likes.


  1. are you a proud ust graduate? do you sometimes say na ateneo grad ka or NYU para sosyal miss Anne?

    Kumiusta ang buhay sa binangonan growing up

    1. hi Veronica,
      Your question is funny. NO. I never claim I am from NYU or Ateneo. Everyone knows I am from UST and I hailed from Binangonan Rizal. I give a lot of prominence to my hometown.
      Thousands of people who had never heard of our town now know where it is because of my blog.
      I don’t pretend to be someone that I am not. I don’t have to. Hindi ko kailangang magkunwari na sosyal. Hindi ako mababaw. Wala akong mapapala kung gagawin ko yan. I know who I am, what I am, where I am. I am content to be me.


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