Sorting out our parents’ stuff

part 2

Oct 16, 2020 3 pm

Len invited Eves and Rae over for dinner. They also wanted to see her new kitchen. She cooked tofu and lechon kawali. Her tofu dish is the most delicious in the whole of Southern and Northern California. Mapaprami talaga ang kain mo. I must have drank a gallon of gulaman at sago.

While waiting for Eves and Rae, I helped Len withnthe process of elimination- which ones to donate, toss out in the garbage bin, or keep.

I wasn’t planning on joining them but I wanted to help my sister sort out our parents’ stuff which were kept in two large boxes. We wanted to make sure we looked at every item.

When Rae arrived, we showed her the big mass card she gave when papa died. She offered to keep it. She teared up when she read it.

We found their 50th wedding anniversary cake knife server set which Aileen had decided to donate.

My papa’s favorite tsinelas and formal wear combined, was all genuine leather, custom made by Tagumpay in Taytay, Rizal. That’s just where he had his tsinelas made. I accompanied him several times when he would pick-up his order, or return for repairs, or order new pairs. The zapateria is no longer in existence today.

I never saw my father wore shoes. Maybe, once or twice only. His comfort footwear was only one style, from one source- an expensive all leather fit to size by Tagumpay. Weddings, birthdays, lauriats, graduation events, whatever the occasion was, pati pag namimili sya sa Juan Luna, ganito ang suot nya.

I thought of having this pair cleaned and restored but Len suggested that we just throw it out because madumi na daw at luma na. I agreed without first taking photos.

I haven’t opened this yet, I just put it back inside the envelope and left it with Len. Surfing through their belongings was more difficult than I thought.


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