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August 15, 2020

A friend of ours wanted to buy a vacation house in South San Francisco that is closer to where her relatives reside. Since they were in Manila, I volunteered to help and check out the potential areas. It was a good excuse to go out and get some sunshine. My husband also wanted to bring me to a golf course within the vicinity so he was game to drive.

Edmund was very familiar with the area so he knew exactly where to go even without the aid of GPS. The first residential enclave was on the other side of a hill near the international airport and overlooking the city. We instantly liked the neighborhood. A little isolated but that’s what we both prefer. Our friend told me she saw a house listed for sale on Zillow in this neighborhood sometime in May but it was sold fast before she could even inquire. The house’s interior was modern and upgraded like new. I wasn’t surprised that she felt hinayang. I would too. Something better was reserved for her that’s why she wasn’t able to buy that particular house. It’s always like that. Sometimes you feel bad for not getting something pero yun pala, something better is being reserved for you.

There was another house for sale in the same village but it wasn’t remodeled. It would need some updating which they were not willing to undertake.

We then drove to a cluster of new development and we also liked the community. Brand new houses are of course better. No stressful renovations, just fun shopping, and decorating. The houses in this brand new development are big too. I could see their family enjoying their US holidays here, hosting lunches and dinners with family and friends, walking to the nearby park, and hiking too. It could be a forever US vacation home or kung masawa sila, they can give it to their son or daughter.

Edmund brought me to the Crystal Springs Golf Club in Burlingame.

I was so amazed at the herd of deer resting on the green. watching the golfers. Despite the 40+ degree temperature, these creatures (men and deer) didn’t seem to mind the dangerous heatwave.

The heatwave and lurking virus prevented us from getting-off our vehicle. It was a drive-by pasyal only.
Our last stop was dinner at my sister’s house. I ate one bandehado of kanin. Her pinalos na kanduli was as delicious as my parents’ cooking.

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