Sunrise06:21 AM Tuesday October 27, 2020 |

Since I have always been an afternoon person, I don’t get to see the sunrise or bukang liwayway ( in Tagalog). I am aware of its glory and health benefits through my mother. She would always ask my father to drive her to the dalampasigan to inhale fresh see breaze and catch the unang sikat ng araw which she claimed was very good for the body. Vitamin D hello.

Since September, we’ve moved to an older house with no immediate neighbor. Every morning I am awakened by the sunlight that penetrates the windows and forces me to get up to take cover. There are no curtains nor window shutters yet so by 6:45 am the sun’s rays have filled the room. I take that as an opportunity to bring Mochi out into the yard to pee.

Every morning, I am still amazed at how glorious the sun is. The effects in the sky is simply magnificent. The combined colors of white, blue, gray, yellow, amber, orange, red, create an artist’s canvass. I wish I have a better camera to be able to capture the spectacular sunrise.


Thank you Lord for this wonder.

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