Too much food from Rae04:05 PM Friday October 30, 2020 |

October 18, 2020

Rae brought a lot of food we couldn’t finish so we all went home with a container of to-go.

Eves and Rae real purporse was to look at Len’s brand -new sparkling white kitchen.

We had an impromptu get-together which was always a welcome treat.

Kuya and Dimple later joined us too, though late by an hour. Notice the mirror on the left side. I won that in a raffle at the Christmas party of Philippine Exporters Foundation or Philexport at the Grand Ballroom of Philippine Plaza. Napakatagal na siguro 18 years ago more or less. I brought it to America and gave it my mother. I figured she would love it because it would remind her of our big mirror at our former house in Binangonan Rizal. Nakagisnan ko na yun na nakasabit on the wall on the left side of the front door leading to our dining and sala combination. The left wall when facing the street is called the dragon wall. That’s where you should hang a mirror. It attracts good vibes.


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