Tyler drowned in our pool10:21 PM Saturday August 29, 2020 |

August 6,2020

While we’re resting for a few minutes, Yen received a text message from our maid Jebel saying “mam wala na ho si Tyler”. Oyen asked me what exactly did she mean by “wala na si Tyler”?

He’s dead! Oyen called Jebel. Tyler had died. Antonia found him floating in the pool at around 6 am. Tyler was blind. He must have wandered into the pool area in the middle of the night and fell into the water. Kawawa naman si Tyler. I couldn’t imagine what he went through trying to save himself from drowning.

The maids said the last time they had seen him alive was at 6 pm. They went to bed that evening without checking on the dogs and if the two wrought iron gates leading to the pool area were locked. They said they kept one open.

Tyler must be 9 – 10 years old. He was actually my son’s dog. He bought it from a breeder somewhere in Quezon City which he found through the old fashioned way— Manila Bulletin’s Classified Ads section. I didn’t know that he went deep into Quezon City, somewhere in Fairview, searching for the breeder. My son wanted to buy one puppy but came home with two. He found the two brothers so adorable he ended up buying both. Tyler’s brother died when it was still a very small puppy. Lucy bit it.

Tyler kept Oyen company at night. He liked to sleep under Oyen’s bed. Occasionally he would go to the office with her. When his eyes got infected, Oyen lovingly took care of him, giving him his medicines, vitamis, antibiotic, eyedrops and ointment.

It’s so heartbreaking when our beloved dogs die. We’ve lost a lot already.

For two days, my daughter’s eyes were puffy from crying over the loss of Tyler.

Tyler was buried behind our house. He joined Twinkle, Lincoln, and Jazzy.

May all our dogs rest in peace.

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