Updating my blog is becoming such a chore09:56 AM Sunday November 29, 2020 |

I have been trying to update my online diary / blog but it’s so frustrating. I have things to do during the day like making calls, hanging out with family, cleaning, packing, etc. For one or two hours that are left at night to catch up on my blog, I just couldn’t. The internet is failing, uploading is nearly impossible, my iPod doesn’t let me access sites, my laptop makes it hard for me to save photos.
I know why Instagram is more popular now because it’s easier to post. Just click a photo or a short video clip and you see it published in a flash.

But ohmybuhay has a different purpose. It’s a diary of some sort. That’s why even if the posts are of no relevance to the world, it is relevant to me personally because it reminds me of where I am on that specific date, and most especially if I am spending time or an occasion with my family.

It’s tiring navigating through the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of technology.

I am traveling tomorrow and I haven’t even finished posting my Las Vegas holiday, reunion with my siblings, lunches, and dinners with friends and relatives, our simple Thanksgiving Day eating, my nights and days with Mochi, walks around the neighborhood, supermarket trips, shopping for pasalubong, etc.


  1. Please do not worry about updating your website. I appreciate your efforts and I am a follower of your blog. I am sure that once in Manila, you will have more time with all your staff available to do the daily chores of life that in the States one has to do. It is so difficult to have a home somewhere but one’s dear relatives so far away.

    This is the first time I commented on your blog but I am glad you were able to finally travel back home.

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