Philippine Airlines Lugaw To Go01:50 PM Friday April 02, 2021 |

PAL thought of a very good idea, sell their world-renowned chicken arroz caldo or lugaw for delvery, to their loyal customers who are itching to travel but are stuck at home. And not only did they pack the lugaw well, but they also presented it in a very nice gift box worthy of landing on… read more

Walking and Fighting11:49 PM Thursday April 01, 2021 |

April 1, 2021 Edmund has a regular fitness regimen. He walks regularly around the village with Jack and Choco, or Hugo. He does light weights, stretching, sit-ups after. These are on top of his 2 to 3 x a week golfing (pre-lockdown) and walking without a golf cart when the weather is not too hot…. read more

The Best Buko Pandan11:15 PM Thursday April 01, 2021 |

My maximum desired weight for the longest time was 125 lbs. Then came the pandemic which I admit is not an excuse. My weight went up to 128 and over the course of one month, mid-December to mid-January, my weight breached the 130 lbs. mark. Three weeks ago, my husband was referred to by one… read more

Tinola is here to stay10:08 PM Thursday April 01, 2021 |

I am not counting how many times Antonia has said goodbye through the years. This time it’s for real. She has accumulated lots of pasalubong from Lazada and her roommates are beginning to feel cramped in the room. I offered to give her two big pieces of luggage to pack all her belongings but those… read more

Don’t Post Propaganda11:17 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

I am disappointed with a lot of educated, successful people. They forward video clips, write-ups of all sorts of propaganda online. They send chain articles/video clips urging people to repost, send, spread lies. We should not allow ourselves to be pawns of other countries’ self-serving propaganda. We should know by now, at this age and… read more

My world has gotten smaller11:10 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

Last year we were abruptly grounded beginning in March and our trips became limited to the kitchen, dining, bedroom, loft, family room, home office, garden, garage, patio, toilet. Oh and to the laundry area. Then after the lockdown had been lifted in the US, we gathered enough courage to walk outside and explore the neighborhood… read more

Seaspiracy10:59 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

I lost my appetite for eating fish after watching this 2021 documentary film on Netflix, Seaspiracy produced by Iranian filmmaker Ali Tabrizi. I learned a great deal about how we living things are all connected for the continuation and survival of life on earth. How commercial fishing is destroying sea animals. How our neighboring countries… read more

Cover your nose, mouth, and house10:33 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

The new variant is a lot more contagious and virulent. In the past, if one person is positive, most likely there are only one or two more persons in their household that will catch the virus. But this new variant infects the whole household. And accordingly, when your immediate neighbor has covid, you’ll most likely… read more

In the mood to buy plates09:28 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

I’ve been searching online for dinner plates. I am in the mood to buy new plates. No particular brand or style, I just prefer not made in China. I am thinking maybe I should choose gender-neutral color and design which means, not color pink, not too flowery so in case I leave them with Nyke,… read more

Women’s Group Reaction to Pres. Duterte’s Birthday Video06:24 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

Someone posted a short video clip of Pres. Duterte blowing birthday candles. I thought it was an old clip probably before he became president. I asked, “when was this?” Pres. Duterte’s recent birthday according to Noel. The short clip elicited mixed reactions from my business Viber groups. Viber group #1 is male-dominated and they may… read more

Filipina woman assaulted in NY01:44 PM Tuesday March 30, 2021 |

The number of hate crimes and assaults against Asians, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc., continues unabated. From spitting, yelling, kicking, shoving, bumping, to serious life-threatening assaults to fatal attacks. On the very same day that an Asian guy was brutally beaten by a black man and choked on the subway train bound for Brooklyn in NY,… read more

Black guy beats up Asian guy on the train09:10 PM Monday March 29, 2021 |

My heart bleeds as I watch the horrific physical battery being done by an African-American to a helpless Asian-American guy on the subway train in New York. Although the train is full of commuters, not one person comes to stop the violent attack. The black guy looks determined to maim or kill the Asian boy…. read more

Downside of Dog Ownership10:00 AM Monday March 29, 2021 |

I woke up at 6:32 am this morning finding Stitch’s poo and pee scattered in my bathroom. When things like this happens, and they often do, it reminds me that having dogs can also be stressful. Without the presence of maids, it would be difficult to maintain the total number of dogs that we have…. read more

Ookpik the Arctic Owl09:02 AM Monday March 29, 2021 |

I woke up at 6:32 am only to find a messy bathroom floor, thanks to Stitch. After spending about 10 minutes cleaning his mess, nawala na ang antok ko. Suddenly, I felt the urge to read, not just any book, but my childhood book Ookpik. Oyen gifted me last Christmas these two editions and I… read more

Lockdown weight05:38 PM Thursday March 25, 2021 |

My weight in 2019 was 124 lbs, the ideal weight which I made sure I maintained. It jumped to 127 in January 2020. 128 – 129 in May – August, 2020. 126-127 in December 2020 130 in January 2021 132 in February 2021 135 today. It’s lockdown again, nothing to do but watch Netflix, eat,… read more

Countries & Cities I’ve Visited11:27 PM Wednesday March 24, 2021 |

Ever since the pandemic began, of course, many people missed traveling, and because of that, they started posting their favorite travel photos to reminisce their happy adventures. I have never done this before but today I will post a list of the countries I’ve visited in the past. The purpose is not to announce to… read more

Plenty of Good things happened too in 202011:14 PM Wednesday March 24, 2021 |

2020 passed without us knowing why, so to speak. So many unanswered questions. Our lives went by fast without a clear understanding of where to next. Millions didn’t make it to today so to us who are lucky to be here to recount the days passed, it’s a heavy sigh of relief. Whew! We are… read more

Grief and Goodness10:16 PM Tuesday March 23, 2021 |

Sometimes I feel like my problems are difficult to solve, or they come after another, or they are heavy. But when I hear of other people’s problems I realize that their problems are bigger. For instance, the Yu family whose massive house caught fire last Saturday morning due to their maid’s cellphone charger lost 5… read more

P95,880 watch repair cost06:33 PM Monday March 22, 2021 |

I have an old watch that’s maybe at least 10 years old and I very seldom wear it. Sometimes I don’t wear it for two years because I forget that I have this. The style is unique in a way because it has two layers of tiny stones around the bezel which is not common…. read more

Visit to the farm10:58 PM Saturday March 20, 2021 |

We only have a few fruit-bearing trees and I would like to plant more varieties. Will start planting after the lockdown. Before proceeding to the farm, we went to the Tagaytay market. While Edmund was buying sawdust to feed the dogs, I went to the fruits and plants section. We have a small patch of… read more

Five people perished in a fire09:46 PM Saturday March 20, 2021 |

I was trying to continue watching the Netflix series New Amsterdam last night when I passed out. I was so tired from stress and I didn’t realize the exhaustion. I slept through the night from 12 midnight to 8 am. The first thing that my husband told me when I woke up was there was… read more

Red Ford Mustang11:30 PM Wednesday March 17, 2021 |

February 2, 2021. Tuesday There is no single color that stands out or is considered the best color for any type of vehicle. I am saying this from the point of view of someone who’s been in the automotive industry for 32 years. Colors are subjective and their beauty depends on the beholder. Red is… read more

Please mention who died05:02 PM Wednesday March 17, 2021 |

Even before the pandemic struck, I’ve been noticing photos of lighted candles posted on Facebook pages announcing the passing of their loved ones. What follows next is naturally a barrage of Condolences and RIPs from their FB friends. I feel awkward sending my condolences if I don’t know who died. It only becomes a perfunctory… read more

I am waiting for Moderna vaccines04:26 PM Wednesday March 17, 2021 |

I ordered 644 doses of Moderna vaccines in January thru the business sector initiative. I counted the number of our employees plus my family. My friend Richard and his family are included in my count too. Full payment in US dollars is due next week and after that, we’ll just wait for the arrival which… read more

Covid exposure feared02:25 PM Wednesday March 17, 2021 |

March 10, 2021, Wednesday Edmund received a message from his friend Bobby that he’s Covid positive and is running a fever. I got so mad at my husband because last Friday I was against him going to the wake of Bobby’s mother. While I understood why he wanted to go, the risk of Covid exposure… read more