I canceled my BPI Express Credit Card11:45 PM Wednesday March 04, 2015 |

I used to maintain only two local credit cards but beginning last year, it has grown to 4 or 5. What happened?

1. While shopping in Rustan’s, a persistent Citibank marketing guy was able to convince me and my son to get a Citibank card which has no annual fees.

2. I was issued a BDO corporate card for expenses related to the business, example, for gasoline and office supplies.

3. I was also given a card by another firm.

Today I spent about an hour on the phone just to cancel my BPI Express Credit Card. I am sorry to compare but in the US, something like this would take no more than five minutes.

canceled BPI Express Credit

Before a real person answered, it took about 10 minutes. After every info she asked “let me put you on hold for 2 to 3 minutes while I verify the information”.

I spent 30 minutes before I was able to inform her of the purpose of my call– to cancel my card. She said I couldn’t cancel it yet because there’s an outstanding balance of P3,500 which is due on March 26, 2015. When I told her I would send the payment right away, she said I can call again after two days to request for cancellation,

“Miss, I’m sorry but can you just put a request to cancel my card. I will send the payment immediately, right after this call. I do not want to call again and waste at least 30 minutes. I have other things to do.

She said that’s really the policy.
“Miss, bakit hindi pwede, can you just note it down that I am canceling my card. It’s so difficult to call, I’ve so far wasted at least 30 minutes”.

Hindi daw talaga pwede.

nNinis na ako. Actually matagal na akong inis.
“Miss, I don’t want to sound rude but this is a waste of my time. Ang tagal-tagal bago kayo sumagot, I don’t want to go through this again just to cancel my card. Do you want me to send the card to your office?”

She finally budged and said she would transfer me to the department in charge of the cancellation. She put me on hold for several minutes, siguro mga 10 minutes or mahigit pa. When she said hello, “mam, i-tra-transfer ko na kayo”.
Huh, kala ko she was already doing it, ngayon pa lang pala.
She put me on hold again. A good 15 minutes passed before another operator answered. Kulili na ako sa music nila. Para akong umattend the graduation ceremony.

The other person agreed that I would send the P3,500 then they would cancel my card. “P400 reinstatement fee” says she.

I have no intention to have my card re-instated. Just to call their customer service nadagdagan ang kulubot ko sa mukha.


  1. Hay naku Ms. Annie, this credit cards are sooo. Grrrr. Pag mag alok sila, they are so nice. Pag tawag ka sa customer service nila, jusko abutin ka po talaga ng syam syam. Pag maningil, they are very very rude. Minsan wala pang billing they would ask you when are you going to pay.

  2. That is correct. Wala pang bill they will follow the payment. Minsan two days late ang bill. Rude nga yung tumatawag .

  3. Mam papa cancel ko na po yung credit card na inapplyan ko..di ko rin naman po magagamit yun. Denideliver pa rin po ng messenger kahit di ko na po tinatanggap.and kapag tumatawag ako sa hotline nyo lagi akung ng aantay ng 30-40mns pero walang sumasagot.. Paki cancel nalang po yung inalok sakin na bpi credit card. Villania jeffrey john m.,,thankyou bpi..

  4. Bulok na serbisyo ng BPI for the credits cards. Ilang beses na ako tumatawag. Same experience. Hindi ko ma cancel dahil wala ako makausap!!! Inaabot na ako ng 30 mins kakahintay. Wala ako makausap sa line.

  5. Ah, BPI. I don’t really like their customer service team (Telephone). They are very rude, but when they try to persuade you with something, they are very nice. I had the same kind of transaction with RCBC, their experience with their customer service was a lot better than what I experienced with BPI. Unfortunately, BPI is the most convenient bank I know of right now. -_-

  6. its true ang hirap ma-connect ang customer service ng bpi gsuto ko na nga ipa cancel crdit cad ko aksi walang kwenta di ko namn magamit yet may billing ako

  7. I had terminated my BPI credit card through their Araneta Branch in Bacolod City personally I think 4 or 5 months ago, in fact I had overpaid the amount due by P 16.70 and I had advised them thru txt message to stop sending messages…right now first message Dec. 08/16 I received is that my statement balance is -P16.70 ( meaning I overpaid).. this was followed by a new txt message that my statement balance is Php 1,911.32 due Dec. 18.. How can this be? Are they not correcting and checking their records before they send messages… . Tomorrow I go to the bank to have this case closed….This is stressful on the part of the card holder.

    1. Since 2015, I have been receiving a monthly statement showing an overpayment of P3,500. I have made several requests thru their online customer service to cancel the account and to send me a check for the P3,500 but wala until now.

  8. Tama lahat ang mga concerns nyo jan sa BPI kaya ipapa-cancel ko na ang BPI card ko at mag-apply na lang sa ibang credit card provider.

  9. I havent use my credit card several months wala din akong outstanding balance kasi naka auto debit yong isa kong account,i decided to check my account via online service nakita ko ok lahat ng mga payments ko decided to use it kasi meron pang total credit amount of 18,000 pumunta ako ng sm i bought like worth 700 plus na damit pang baby nong nasa counter na ako magbabayad sabi ng clerk unsupported daw yong card ko pumunta ako mismo sa bpi creditcard branch hindi nila madetect sabi puntahan ko daw kong saan ako nav open account, when i got there tumawag mismo yong manager mismo sa creditcard branch samantalang doon din ako galing, they cant trace up bakit daw ganun ang nangyari, bpi sucks mismo sila hindi nila alam yong nangyari.

  10. my God, is there anybody in 89-100 of BPI! I’ve been calling them since last week just to cancel my credit which i haven’t use since they send me. Is there no one available to answer our call….what a service!!!!

  11. Buti ka po 30 minutes lang. I requested a cancellation 2 months ago pero hindi nila ni-cancel tapos ngayon they charged me annual fee.. Grrrrr talaga! ang layo ng service nila sa ibang bank.


  12. I’m feeling d same I checked my payments Everytime bigla along magkaroon balance Ng 8,000 good dmo mtwagan Ang till free nila.. badtriiip dko tulog msettle

  13. La Trinidad branch i opened a credit card but it took nearly 3 months wala pa they told me it was my mistake to write the wrong birth day so was not approved . I told them I cansell the application .. I was issued one from my Bpi session then after like 3 months I saw na I have two credit card … thebother kne was use amount of 2400 something I said who is using this one credit card I never have two I have one only .. the customer service in the other lien said it’s my payment for canselling the credit card I said hello I never have another credit card I never received one I cansell long before they give me a credit card .. u never sign na I recieved one and its so clear to the manager that I am canselling because it has never arrived… I will fight and go to tulfo for help if they insist I pay this amount someone is using that credit card under my name it will be more big problem why is this happening … and I have withdrawal in one day 24,000 when the limit is only 20,000 ….

    1. Hi Edralyn,

      You write a letter to the branch manager copy furnish the head office’s credit card department head. No need to go to Tulfo.
      have your two credit cards canceled asap. Ipa-cancel mo yung dalawang credit card na naka-pangalan sa’yo. Huwag lang tawag sa telepono, isulat o request at ipa receive mo sa branch nila para meron kang proof na ipina-cancel mo. Siguraduhin mo na nakalagay ang date you had it canceled.

  14. Same situation right now, frustrated na akong ma cancel ung credicard ko. Ang herap nilang ma kontak and nakaka annoyed kasi naka ilang attempt na ako and pumunta pa ako sa bpi branch nila tapos mag antay pa ako five days tapos ngayon andito na naman ako tatawag sa kanila para ma cancel lang.

  15. Don’t bank with BPI. They have the shittiest customer service. They would brag to be in the business for 168 years, yet they couldn’t fix bugs on the BPI app/ g-cash. Not to mention the people at the BPI branch who are very “bobo” and doesn’t know what they are doing. Shittiest at its best!

    1. May babayaran po ba kahit hindi ginagamit credit card alok kasi sila ng alok. Ngayon ung deposit ko dko po mawithraw. Gusto ko sana ipacancel. Dko pa naman na activate ung credit card.

      1. chinarge ako ngaun ng anual fee 1550 kahit di ko naman inactivate o ginamit ang credit card ko sana pala kinulit ko na sila noon pa na cancel ko yung card ko mag babayad pa tuloy ako.

        1. kailangam magpadala / fax ka ng written request bukod pa sa tawag, kunin mo ID number nung customer service and the reference number so you have proof that you’ve requested cancellation.

  16. Gud pm po.mam papa cancel ko n po ang bpi credit card ko d ko nman ginagamit tpos mgbabayad p ako.na request ko n rin po ito s branch nyo s bpi rosario.hindi ko n po sya magagamit p kc wala nman me pambayad kasi po wla work mister ko gwa ng covid n yan.sna po magrant nyo n ang request ko .at mbigyan nyo ng aksyon as soon as possible.maraming salamat po.

  17. Ako nga, disabled yung card kasi may gumagamit na iba without me knowing, hindi ko na magamit ung card kasi nga disabled na. Ilang months na ang nakalipas hindi pa din dumating yong replacement na card. Until they charged me of the annual fee which really blowed my mind! I keep on calling their hotline number but nobody answers! I have no choice but to pay. I went to the branch where I opened my account but they cannot close my credit card. Very frustrating ang BPI talaga.

  18. Hi! Relate ako sa usaping ito. Kakatanggap ko lang ng billing saying na I have to pay annual fee of P1,550.00. I haven’t used my card kahit isang beses. Sana pala pnaterminate ko na agad yung account ko. Bukod sa late ko na natanggap yung card tapos sabi ng bank employee sa branch kung saan may savings account ako e hindi daw ako ichacharge ng annual fee yet they sent me a billing. Nakakstress kung kailan ang daming gastos ngayon at may pandemic pa.

    1. Same here tapos ang hirap pa nilang makontak. Wala kang makausap ng phone banker. Kahit mag email ka sakanila wala ring sagot. Yung gastos ko sa load half na ng annual fee nila. Now I know. Never na ko tatanggap ng alok nilang credit card.

  19. Here’s my message to BPI:

    “Hi. Tumawag ako sa hotline nyo last Aug 16 pa to cancel/terminate my credit card.
    Your agent advised me to email customerservice@bpi.com.ph or send a message
    to your facebook page. I did send an email and got a reply that you will evaluate/review
    or whatever. Now Jan. 19, 2021, after almost half a year, wala pa ding feedback from BPI which is frustrating. How come na ang bilis nyong mag-approve ng new credit card application pero when it comes to cancellation, ang bagal. Unfair naman yon. Hindi ako ang lumapit sa inyo para magkaroon ng credit card. Your bank employee gave me a call to apply for the card. Pumayag ako kasi baka kahit papaano, makatulong sa quota (if meron man) ni bank employee. Tapos pag-dating sa cancellation, nagtatago kayo or wala kayong crew para mag-handle ng cancellation dahil pandemic? Pero pag new application, may naka-assign kayong tao. Ang malupit pa, tumawag si BPI sa akin last October lang, para mag-offer na kumuha ako ng insurance. Instead na yung cancellation concern ko ang inuna, yun pang pag-oofer ng insurance ang naunang nag-reached out sa akin. Greediness to the max. Marami nga akong nabasa sa internet na mabagal kayo when it comes to this. Pasensya na po if medyo pranka ung message ko. Pero kung kayo po ang nasa kalagayan ko, you will understand. Sana the higher ups in your company will try to improve the customer service dahil marami kasi ang hindi satisfied. Please lang paki cancel/terminate na po credit card ko.”

    Yan ang message ko kay BPI.
    Ang dami ko na in-email.
    Lahat yata na e-mail ko na; customerservice@bpi.com.ph, help@bpi.com, bayanihan@creditcard, etc, blah blah.
    Pero no result. Ang kapal ng mukha ng mga nagpapatakbo ng BPI na yan.
    Ingat kayo sa mga gahaman na yan.

  20. Andami palang bad reviews ng BPI credit card. OMG! Same here 2days na kong tumatawag sa kanila ang yet wala pa din akong makausap. Ang mahirap pa celphone gamit ko kaya grabe yung gastos ko sa load half na ng annual fee nila.

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