Manicure and Foot Massage09:20 PM Wednesday December 30, 2020 |

Dec 30, 2020 What? Yes, we did it again. Not content on the haphazard pedicure we had two days ago, we went back to the nail salon. We set an appointment at 10 am so that we would be the firsts. The nail salon is in Baguio-Ayala Land Technohub, Camp John Hay b Lagi na… read more

Dinner at Hamada in Baguio Country Club08:16 AM Wednesday December 30, 2020 |

Dec 29, 2020 We were invited by Oyen’s in-laws to join them for dinner at Hamada Restaurant on the ground floor of Baguio Country Club where they are all billeted. There’s a big concert stage on the lawn but no huge audience. The Yao family is one big happy and close knit family. They have… read more

Sinigang na Salmon for Lunch09:20 AM Tuesday December 29, 2020 |

Dec 29, 2 pm Wala na akong maisuot kasi I accidentally left a stack of clothes at home. I don’t have enough clothes to wear for 7 days. Eto na lang ulit, repeat performance, hindi naman nadumihan or napawisan. Kain na naman kami, I do nothing but eat. One of my favorite salads is Tuna… read more

Pedicure07:02 AM Tuesday December 29, 2020 |

Dec 28, 3:55 pm We did the unthinkable, risk catching the virus by having pedicure. Edmund and I kept our masks and face shields on the whole time while the manicurists wore face masks only.  We went to the washroom immediately after to wash our hands.

Scenic Lunch @ The Barn12:12 AM Tuesday December 29, 2020 |

Dec 28, 2020 Customers are given a maximum of one hour and forty-five minutes to sit down, order, eat, drink, take photos, hang-out here because they get really busy, maybe because it’s the holiday season. An hour and forty-five is enough for us. They took our food orders at the reception counter. Squash flowers with… read more

Inihaw na mais to-go10:41 PM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 28, 4:09 pm I am really fond of inihaw na mais (grilled corn).  I can finish 10 small cobs in one sitting .  The smell of corn being grilled over burning coal is intoxicating for a probinsyana like me. You can feed me inihaw na mais every day and I am not one to complain…. read more

The view at The Barn in Baguio10:31 PM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 28, 2020, Baguio The Barn restaurant sits on a ridge with a sweeping view of the surrounding mountains. Among all the restaurants here in Baguio that I have been to, I say that this has the best unobstructed view so far. I couldn’t imagine how populated Baguio is now. Even the crevices of deep… read more

The Barn Menu09:30 PM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 28, 2020 After my daughter and her inlaws dined at The Barn, she thought I would like the food and the ambiance so she booked us a table for four. Instead of going there in our respective vehicles, they picked us up from The Manor because the restaurant has very limited parking space. The… read more

Holiday at the Manor09:13 PM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 28 We have an hour to spend while waiting for Oyen and Derrick. And what better way to spend it by memorializing those moments through pictures.   I still like the old fashioned style Christmas lanterns (parol). A glimpse of the weather outside. Waiting at the hotel driveway…

SPAGHETTI Bolognese for dinner08:45 PM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 27 We were too tired to dine out and not  yet hungry but we might look for food in the middle of the night so we ordered spaghetti bolognese and mushroom soup for room delivery.   I requested for the soup to be super hot and my husband said “eh di lalamig din yun”…. read more

Forest Lodge10:05 AM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 27 While Edmund played golf with Derrick and his dad Philip, and brother in law Richard, Inhang-out with my daughter,  After having lunch together at Le Chef, we walked to the stores down below. The area has deteriorated and no more eaterie or cafe is open. I used to like this place a lot…. read more

Delicious Food is our common interest09:31 AM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 27, 2020, Baguio While Edmund played golf with Derrick, Philip, and Richard atnthe Baguio Country Club,  my daughter joined me for lunch.  She walked alone from BCC to Manor. Delicious food is our common interest. Sushi platter for her We chose the same main course,  Steak with pasta alfredo. c We were more than… read more

Set MENU Dinner @ Le Chef09:08 AM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 26 After driving for almost 4 hours we no longer wish to ride the car again just to look for food so we decided to just eat here at the hotel’s restaurant, Le Chef. They no longer have a la carte, only set menu.  P1,300 per person ++ complete with choices of salad, main,… read more

Manor Hotel Room 41808:37 AM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 26 Edmund booked a courtyard room just like what he always did but this time I didn’t want to because nanay ko, wala akong katahimikan.  It’s always noisy on that side of the hotel.  It faces the restaurant,  I could hear the kalatog ng pinggan,  people laughing, and the giant waterfalls is one noisy… read more

Baguio Travel Pass12:18 AM Monday December 28, 2020 |

Dec 26,  Baguio The incumbent mayor  of Baguio City, Hon. Benjamin Magalong, is doing his big share in keeping his constituents and visitors safer from spreading the dreaded virus by imposing a travel pass with covid negative test result. Upon reaching Baguio, the check-point directed us to enter an unfinished building which according to the… read more

Now a short drive to Baguio11:34 PM Sunday December 27, 2020 |

Dec 26, 2020 Oyen and Derrick, convoyed with Derrick’s family to Baguio. They left at 8:30 am while Edmund and I followed at 11:30 am. We saw black smoke billowing up in the sky, must be from a raging fire somewhere in Quezon City. We have RFID. It’s always a good feeling seeing Ford vehicles… read more

Christmas Brunch 202010:38 PM Sunday December 27, 2020 |

Dec 25, 2020 We spent 4 consecutive Christmases in the US with half of the Tans (2016-2019).  Contrary to the previous 4 when we had lumpiang shanghai, creamed corn, grilled rib eye steak, lobster, turon, cake, bbq, and noodles. My Christmas brunch today was simpler to some degree. No family members, no parlor games, just… read more