Go home to your country09:35 PM Wednesday April 07, 2021 |

What’s happening now in the US is moral degradation.   From a nation that’s been looked up to by all nations for great leadership and order, the US is now on its declining path and has lost its luster.  The decline in the quality of life, the rise in homelessness, lack of education, poor parenting,  too… read more

Random thoughts about America11:28 PM Tuesday April 06, 2021 |

1. In the last few years, I’ve seen how America exercised maximum tolerance on thieves, that’s why they are not afraid to steal. I’ve seen shoplifters and no one bothers to accost them. The store told me even if they called the police, those thieves would not be put in jail. 2. I’ve witnessed two… read more

Burnt, Shawshank Redemption, and other movies09:40 PM Tuesday April 06, 2021 |

Every day I watch CNN and House Hunters. Sometimes I also watch Flip or Flop, Master Class by Tarek El Moussa, Property Brothers, and BBC /Earth. Edmund and I like Martha Stewart’s garden in Martha’s Knows Best but we rarely chance upon its telecast. My husband, when by himself, watches either golf or NBA basketball… read more

Visita Iglesia Covid-Style02:10 PM Monday April 05, 2021 |

April 1, 2021, Holy Thursday Visita Iglesia is one Catholic tradition that my family does every year. I began it when my daughter was 10 years old. At first, it was only Edmund and I that would visit several churches, but when the two grew a little bit older, we started bringing them along. The… read more

Oyen’s Second Covid-Era Birthday01:44 PM Sunday April 04, 2021 |

Whatever race, religion, social status, the day we arrived on earth is very important to each one of us. The day we were born is one single day on the calendar that we don’t forget. Even if we don’t celebrate openly or grandly, deep in our hearts, we know it’s our birthday and that alone… read more

Ingenious Culinary Experience at Hapag Restaurant02:31 PM Saturday April 03, 2021 |

My daughter marked the anniversary of her coming out of my womb on March 21 by treating us to a very interesting dinner at Hapag restaurant. A collaboration of three young chefs who were schoolmates, Thirdy Dolatre, John Kevin Navoa, and Kevin Paolo Villarica, Hapag started as private dining catering to affluent homes in Metro… read more

Philippine Airlines Lugaw To Go01:50 PM Friday April 02, 2021 |

PAL thought of a very good idea, sell their world-renowned chicken arroz caldo or lugaw for delvery, to their loyal customers who are itching to travel but are stuck at home. And not only did they pack the lugaw well, but they also presented it in a very nice gift box worthy of landing on… read more

Walking and Fighting11:49 PM Thursday April 01, 2021 |

April 1, 2021 Edmund has a regular fitness regimen. He walks regularly around the village with Jack and Choco, or Hugo. He does light weights, stretching, sit-ups after. These are on top of his 2 to 3 x a week golfing (pre-lockdown) and walking without a golf cart when the weather is not too hot…. read more

The Best Buko Pandan11:15 PM Thursday April 01, 2021 |

My maximum desired weight for the longest time was 125 lbs. Then came the pandemic which I admit is not an excuse. My weight went up to 128 and over the course of one month, mid-December to mid-January, my weight breached the 130 lbs. mark. Three weeks ago, my husband was referred to by one… read more

Tinola is here to stay10:08 PM Thursday April 01, 2021 |

I am not counting how many times Antonia has said goodbye through the years. This time it’s for real. She has accumulated lots of pasalubong from Lazada and her roommates are beginning to feel cramped in the room. I offered to give her two big pieces of luggage to pack all her belongings but those… read more

Don’t Post Propaganda11:17 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

I am disappointed with a lot of educated, successful people. They forward video clips, write-ups of all sorts of propaganda online. They send chain articles/video clips urging people to repost, send, spread lies. We should not allow ourselves to be pawns of other countries’ self-serving propaganda. We should know by now, at this age and… read more

My world has gotten smaller11:10 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

Last year we were abruptly grounded beginning in March and our trips became limited to the kitchen, dining, bedroom, loft, family room, home office, garden, garage, patio, toilet. Oh and to the laundry area. Then after the lockdown had been lifted in the US, we gathered enough courage to walk outside and explore the neighborhood… read more

Seaspiracy10:59 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

I lost my appetite for eating fish after watching this 2021 documentary film on Netflix, Seaspiracy produced by Iranian filmmaker Ali Tabrizi. I learned a great deal about how we living things are all connected for the continuation and survival of life on earth. How commercial fishing is destroying sea animals. How our neighboring countries… read more

Cover your nose, mouth, and house10:33 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

The new variant is a lot more contagious and virulent. In the past, if one person is positive, most likely there are only one or two more persons in their household that will catch the virus. But this new variant infects the whole household. And accordingly, when your immediate neighbor has covid, you’ll most likely… read more

In the mood to buy plates09:28 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

I’ve been searching online for dinner plates. I am in the mood to buy new plates. No particular brand or style, I just prefer not made in China. I am thinking maybe I should choose gender-neutral color and design which means, not color pink, not too flowery so in case I leave them with Nyke,… read more

Women’s Group Reaction to Pres. Duterte’s Birthday Video06:24 PM Wednesday March 31, 2021 |

Someone posted a short video clip of Pres. Duterte blowing birthday candles. I thought it was an old clip probably before he became president. I asked, “when was this?” Pres. Duterte’s recent birthday according to Noel. The short clip elicited mixed reactions from my business Viber groups. Viber group #1 is male-dominated and they may… read more

Filipina woman assaulted in NY01:44 PM Tuesday March 30, 2021 |

The number of hate crimes and assaults against Asians, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc., continues unabated. From spitting, yelling, kicking, shoving, bumping, to serious life-threatening assaults to fatal attacks. On the very same day that an Asian guy was brutally beaten by a black man and choked on the subway train bound for Brooklyn in NY,… read more