25 Tips for married couples11:21 PM Thursday July 13, 2017 |

(I first posted this 25 TIPS for Married Couples on July 19, 2014. I moved it to current for the benefit of OMB’s new readers. Hope this helps.) ————— More than half of married couples are no longer IN-LOVE with each other. Most of them despise each other. Unknowingly, they sometimes ridicule each other because… read more

Arrival at the immigration10:35 AM Tuesday November 01, 2016 |

Even if I’ve traveled to this country dozens of times, I still sometimes feel anxious when I pass thru their immigration. I think it’s mainly due to the horror stories that we hear from other tourists. In my own experience, some officers are grouchy. Some could be condescending. But some are nice and sweet and… read more

Kikitain Kita12:29 AM Tuesday November 01, 2016 |

Newspaper articles, news reports, television news reports, teleserye and movie scripts are PAID media. The articles must be carefully written and edited to eliminate grammatical errors. Kasama sa bayad sa writers ay yung tama ang gamit nila ng mga salita. Newscasters must also proofread first what they are going to read / report in front… read more

Exchange No Gift09:23 AM Friday December 19, 2014 |

Many couples think that just because they’ve been together for decades eh quits na lang sila lagi, “exchange NO gift”. Common excuses are: 1. “Hindi naman nya gusto mga gifts ko”. 2. “Practical, wag na regalo”. 3. “I give no occasion gifts naman every 5 years”. 4. “I am busy”. 5. “I have no money,… read more

How to be Missable04:13 PM Saturday December 06, 2014 |

“You don’t miss me anymore”. Sounds familiar? How many times we’ve told our sweethearts that? He would say, “why would I miss you eh we see each other everyday, in the same house, in the same bedroom? Kanina lang magkasama tayo”. Eh diba when you were in the love birds zone, during the Japanese occupation,… read more

Ten Rules in Borrowing Money12:51 PM Wednesday December 03, 2014 |

While I was signing some documents in the office,  I suddenly remembered the hurdles we went through to reach a modest success. Going into big business with small capital is possible, but difficult.  The start is daunting.  As the business grows,  more capital expenditures are required.  Do not believe the advertisement of banks.  They lend… read more

How to be F__ckable11:23 PM Tuesday November 18, 2014 |

This post contains language suitable for married senior citizens only. I used to think that men’s chauvinistic tendencies are clear proof of their being the lesser sex. Most of them need women’s adulation to feel good about themselves. They need to be surrounded by women to feel complete. Some hallucinate that they are machos and… read more

How to be Kissable04:50 AM Saturday November 08, 2014 |

Young sweethearts grab every opportunity to steal a kiss. Anywhere, every where. Inside every dark place, movie houses, in the mall, in the car, elevator, hallway, toilet, kahit saan. Even in the midst of throngs of people. They buy a candy and split it. Not physically divide the candy but they eat it together while… read more

20 tips to prevent rape09:57 AM Saturday August 30, 2014 |

Rape is on the rise. Maybe the following could help: Make your room a safer place. What do you do if you wake up in the middle of the night with someone on top of you? How do you save yourself? Do you have an exit plan in case you run to your bathroom? Can… read more

What if your parents ask if you’re still a virgin09:01 PM Sunday August 03, 2014 |

An ohmybuhay reader is worried her parents , specially her mother, would anytime soon, ask her if she’s still a virgin.  She doesn’t know what to answer to them. First of all,  dear parents,  sex education starts after you’ve potty trained your children.  Give them advise or teach them what you think is right BEFORE… read more

Bisita Do’s and Don’ts10:15 PM Sunday November 10, 2013 |

We all like visiting other people’s homes.  We are merely curious about how they live. It excites us to see their way of life so to speak. Many are grateful to be invited into the homes of others because it’s a privilege to be let into one’s private enclave. However, there are also those who… read more

Tips In Buying A Condo12:44 PM Friday March 08, 2013 |

Our world is now surrounded by high rise buildings. Our streets are blocked by men and women who fearlessly stand in the middle of the road to give out condo brochures. Some even tap the sides of our vehicle when we don’t stop and roll down our windows. Rows of miniature displays of new real… read more

Party Dudays11:58 AM Saturday January 26, 2013 |

My mother’s sinaunang impression of women attending parties was walang kwentang mga babae. Palaboy, mabababang klaseng babae, laman ng lansangan, at hindi magandang ugali at hindi dapat tularan. Kasi, her impression of “party” ay yung nag-iinuman, nakikipaghagikgikan sa mga lalaki, mga walang pakialam sa kabuhayan. In other words, bawal sa akin ang pumunta sa party…. read more

25 Party Do’s01:19 AM Sunday January 13, 2013 |

The holiday season is over but parties aren’t over yet. I attended several Christmas parties last December, gatherings, birthday,s anniversaries, meetings, and this January, parties are ain’t over yet. I have attended so many parties or even small gathering of people from all walks of life. Lately, na-te-turn-off ako sa mga ginagawa or sinasabi nila…. read more

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