About Me


I go by the name of Annie C. Tan-Yee.
I met my husband in college and after 6.5 years of saying I love you and I miss you to each other every day, we finally tied the knot.

After 31 years, we are still sleeping on the same bed and sharing life’s happiness and challenges too.

I thank God profusely for giving me a daughter who is now my best friend, confidante, travel companion, eating and shopping buddy and partner in crime. She makes my life so much easier by doing my office works so I could skip my day jobs more often.

My most favorite son is loving and kind. He is the perfect traveling companion. He is also a good eating and shopping partner.

I live in Manila, Philippines.
I am a Filipino and would die a Filipino.

I am a kaiyak girl. Look at my eyes on the picture. Halatang umiyak the night before and on that morning.


– Omb


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