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I’m Annie.
I met my husband in college and after 6.5 years of saying I love you and I miss you to each other every day, we finally tied the knot.

After 39 years, we are still sleeping on the same bed and sharing life’s happiness and challenges too. We enjoy traveling together and he doesn’t mind going to Christmas markets with me.

I thank God profusely for giving me a daughter who is now my best friend, confidante, travel companion, eating and shopping buddy and partner in crime.

My most favorite son is loving and kind. He is the perfect traveling companion. He is also a good eating and shopping partner.

I am now a lola to Theo, my cutie apo born this year. My husband and I enjoy carrying him, lulling him to sleep, and playing with him. We love him very much and we thank the heavens for gifting our family with an adorable grandson.

I am basically retired since 2018 but still keeps myself busy.

I am a kaiyak girl. Look at my eyes on the picture. Halatang umiyak the night before and on that morning.


– Omb


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Madame ACY! this is Nicole I was secretary of Boss ECY, I’m still here working in Qatar as a Cabin Crew of Qatar Airways. I’m glad to passby your page and read ur amazing stories. God bless you and your family ❤️ Regards to Ford Edsa too!

  2. Gud evening po magpahula Po Ako kung nasan nga Ang papa ng kaibagan ko na c heide agapay laurente nawala po sya Nung April 8 Hanggang Ngayon d pa xia nahahanap mangingisda po xia sa Palawan area Ang destinasyon…sana matolongan mopp kaibigan ko Ang pangalan po ng papa niya ay SI INOCENCIO JR.LAURENTE

    1. Hi Cherylyn, pasensya na pero wala akong kilala na tutoong manghuhula. Sana makabalik ng safe sng tatay nya.

  3. Hi Annie! I hope you still remember me. If I recall right, we met either in Kirei Boutique or Manilabank where I used to work years ago. We shared lots of cuentos together. I miss you, my beautiful friend. Am now a senior citizen, 73years old this coming monday and still single. Looking forward to bonding with you again! You look great in all your photos. Hugs!

    1. Hi Mariel,

      I still remember Kirei Boutique, and I made friends with someone from there. Was it you? Glad you still remember me. Happy 73rd birthday. You are blessed with a long life. Blow out kita. See you soon.

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