Many couples think that just because they’ve been together for decades eh quits na lang sila lagi, “exchange NO gift”.
Common excuses are:
1. “Hindi naman nya gusto mga gifts ko”.
2. “Practical, wag na regalo”.
3. “I give no occasion gifts naman every 5 years”.
4. “I am busy”.
5. “I have no money, tag-gipit ngayon”.

I personally think there is no valid excuse.
1. Hindi nya gusto— keep on trying. Include a gift receipt so your spouse can go and exchange the gift to a different size, color, or shape.
2. Practical—- when you talk about your spouse, you don’t apply the practical rule.
3. No occasion gifts are bursts of sporadic generosity towards your spouse, it’s well appreciated but it’s not an anniversary gift. It’s separate, unless you are giving it a few days earlier or later and specifically mention that it’s an advance or late gift for your anniversary.
4. Being busy is NEVER an excuse in a relationship. If you have time to shower, poo or pee, then you have time to get him/her a gift. If you have time to go to the office, to hang out with friends, or stand in two hour traffic, that means you have a lot of time. Busyness is only used as an excuse by an individual when he/she is not interested to do something in particular.
5. Having no money is never an acceptable excuse unless you are dirt poor or you live in the streets. The fact that you are right now using a computer and you are online, while reading Oh my buhay, that means you have the means. If you can buy a Pepsi, samalamig, or ride a pedicab, then you can afford to buy a gift. You can give him P20 worth of gift like 3 pieces of dalandan for I LOVE YOU. If zero money, pick your neighbor’s halaman and give to her.

The best gift:
Write a love letter. That would be cool, romantic, zero expense, and most appreciated than any material gift. But this is difficult because most couples no longer feel in love. There is no more spontaneous romantic affection for each other so there’s no intense emotion to draw the inspiration to write a love letter from.


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